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5 Men Dressing Hacks You Wish You Should Have Known Earlier

Machoism is not the only thing when it comes to men. To charm the opposite sex and grab some attention there has to be an elegance in your dressing style. Looks do matter but with a bad dressing taste you can only dig a grave for yourself. 

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If you are a rookie in dressing or just don’t know where to start from then here is something for you. Just check out these 5 awesome dressing hacks that you wish you should have known earlier. 

It All Begins With Hair

When was the last time you had a hair cut? Can’t remember, right. Messy and overgrown hairs are the last thing you want in terms of your dressing. Just hit the nearby barber’s shop and get your hair cut periodically.



Don’t Hesitate To Try Something New

Dressing is all about innovating and experimenting. So, if you have not used accessories say a bracelet or a ring so far then probably it’s the time to get one. Free yourself from pre-developed thoughts and just dress confidently. 

Get The Fittings Right 

Be it your shirt, trouser, blazers or kurtas getting the right size is what you should look for. If it’s too tight then it would be itchy and sticky to carry and if its too loose then probably you would end up pulling things up. 

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Your fragrance is an important part of your styling. Going for suffocatingly strong fragrance to display your masculinity is 10 out of 10 times a bad idea. On the other hand, going too light that it goes unnoticed is also not good. Choose the middle path and go mild.

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A Shoe For Every Occasion  

Last but surely not least have a pair of shoes for each occasion. Don’t mix your sneakers with your formals and leather shoes with jeans. Stock your wardrobe with a collection of shoes for all styles.


Now, the next time when you dress it up for any occasion keep in mind these hacks and then just feel the difference. 


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