5 Most Mesmerising Places On Earth Where Ocean, Desert Seen Together

If you are planning to visit some amazing places on Earth then this article is just for you. The places we are going to tell you about are the most mesmerising ones on the Earth. However, If you were confused before about what to choose as a tour destination desert or an ocean, then the places we are going to explain will have the epicness of both. Our Earth has the most fascinating locations to see which a human can only get amazed by. And this time also these five destinations where the Ocean and Desert meet each other will offer you a breath-taking view.

Here’s The List Of Most Astonishing Places On Earth Where Ocean And Desert Can Be Seen Together:

In Africa Sahara Desert Meets The Atlantic Ocean

In Africa Sahara Desert Meets The Atlantic Ocean

In Africa, the Sahara desert meets the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea to the west and east respectively. You will witness the most stunning views when you reach the spot where Ocean and desert meet. In between there are some towns established in the desert near the coast, there you will see beautiful small houses painted with vibrant colours. Also, feel free to give a visit to the hundred-year-old stone monuments located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and Atlas Mountain.

Australian Desert meets The Indian Ocean In Australia

Australian Desert meets The Indian Ocean In Australia

Again you will be stunned to see one of the most picturesque views on the Earth. In Australia when you reach Perth City, you will witness some beautiful beaches and limestone cliffs. Here the desert meets the Ocean till there where your eyes can see. Also enjoy seeing some of the best coral reefs in the Nation there.

Chile Where the Atacama Desert Meets The Pacific Ocean

In the Northern area of Chile, you can visit the Antofagasta region where you will watch the desert touching the vast ocean. If you are an adventurer then you must visit the nitrate mining ghost towns which were Inhabited in the 1800s.

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Polar Desert Meets The Ocean In Antarctica

Deserts are known by us to have hot, rigid and dry climates, but the Polar Desert of Antarctica has freezing and icy climates. It will be very stunning to view the ice desert meeting the ocean.

The Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean In Africa

Noted as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, where Namib desert’s neverending coastlines meet the gushing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. With a small population, the must-visit places there are Dorob National Park and Namib-Naukluft National Park.

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