5 New Features to Use WhatsApp Status Conveniently

An app that started up with a few hundred and now has active users in billions, WhatsApp, the Meta-owned instant messaging app has introduced some of the most interesting and convenient features to use WhatsApp Status.

5 New Features to Use WhatsApp Status

What is WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp Status feature enables people to add text, short videos, or text for a short period of 24 hrs to express themselves or inform others about any event, just like Instagram stories and Snaps on Snapchat. Users also get notified if anyone has recently updated their WhatsApp status, as a green circle appears on the contact’s profile icon in the contact list. In terms of privacy and security, this instant messenger offers end-to-end protection even for stories and statuses. But the platform is still introducing new and amazing features in the spotlight. Let’s see five of the handiest features coming for WhatsApp status very soon.

List of Five Upcoming WhatsApp Status Features Arriving Soon:

Hide Status from Select Users

WhatsApp has recognised the needs of many users and has understood that not every status of a person is meant to be watched by everyone on his or her contact list. So, the platform is introducing a new privacy feature which lets users hide their statuses from select users.

Voice Status Sharing

This instant messenger will now allow you to record and share your voice, with a runtime of up to 30 seconds, as status.

React to Status With Emojis

We all know reacting to messages, videos, or any type of post enables us to express our feelings towards it very accurately. And now very soon you will all be able to react on WhatsApp statuses as well with emojis.

Profile Rings

As soon as a person updates his or her new WhatsApp status a green ring appears on the profile icon. This way your contacts will not miss watching your new status and react to it.

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Link Preview as Status

Lastly, this new WhatsApp ability lets you post links, for advertising or promotional purposes, on your status. Your contacts can click and process further.

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