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5 Shoe Hacks That Can Help You Big Time

Shoes are an indispensable part of our daily attire. From office to gym and then back to the office we can’t miss to lace up our shoes for each and every task. With vastness in terms of variety, we have a type of shoe for almost every occasion. However, getting pairs of shoe stacked in is not the only task that you must do. Just as every other thing your shoes too need care. Using them without spending a thought about there care and maintenance is the last thing you should do.

If you have yet not decided about caring for your shoe or are confused that how it can be done then hang on. Here are 5 must-know shoe hacks that you should check out to care for your shoe easily and effectively. 

Get Rid Of The Odor

Odour is one common problem that is seen associated with shoes. The more you ignore the odor problem the higher are the chances of it being a stinking smell. Removing the odor is not that difficult as you think. You can use cotton balls soaked in natural oils, lemon peel or baking soda to absorb the stinky odor. This would not only take away the odor but would also leave a refreshing natural scent in the shoe.

Shoe odor


Store Them Properly

Storing and stacking your shoes properly is an essential part of there care regime. However, many a time we pile them one over the other just to save some space. This creates scratches and pressure on the shoe surface. To store them effectively in less space you must:

Shoe Rack


  • Try to store them by aligning in alternate directions
  • Place them under the furniture in a specified space
  • Get a shoe rack to arrange them



Protect Them From Being Dirty

Getting your shoe dirty is something that you must avoid at any cost. A dirty shoe not only looks bad but also creates foul smell when left alone as it if for a long time. In case your shoe gets dirty quite often or the nature of your work is such that dirt accumulates on shoe then try using shower caps. 

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Cater To The Specific Needs

Not all type of shoes can be cleaned in the same manner. You cannot go hard on your leather shoe or try out the cleansing technique that you applied to your sneakers. Use specific cleaning methods as per the need of the shoe and avoid going hard on the surface of the shoe. 

Shoe Grip


Get A Proper Grip In Your Shoe

Poor grip of your shoe is an invitation to severe injuries. A poor grip shoe slips more often than a normal grip shoes. To fix this up use a coarse sandpaper on the sole of your shoe. This would create some more friction and would prevent the shoe from slipping while gaining some effective grip. 

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