5G Auction Over, Centre Requests Telcos To Roll Out For Consumers

The auction for 5G Spectrum, the biggest ever spectrum auction, almost triple the 3G auction held in 2010, has been completed and sold. The Government has issued the Spectrum Assignment and has requested Telcos to proceed further to provide the services to consumers now.

“5G update: Spectrum assignment letter issued. Requesting TSPs to prepare for 5G launch”, wrote Ashwini Vaishnaw on Koo, India’s version of Twitter.

5G Auction Over, Centre Requests Telcos To Roll Out For Consumers

5G Auction Completed

With the 5G auction being sold, now India is in the final stage of launching 5G telecom services to the consumers at the retail level.

“ Bharti Airtel received the letter allocating its share of the spectrum just hours after paying the Department of Telecom in advance,” said Sunil Bharti Mittal.

A statement by Mr Mittal states, “Airtel paid ₹ 8,312.4 crores towards spectrum dues and was provided with the allocation letter for the designated frequency bands within hours. E band allocation was given along with spectrum as promised. No Fuss, No Follow Up, No running around the corridors and No tall claims. This is the ease of doing business at work in its full glory.”

“In my over 30 years of first-hand experience with DoT, this is a first! Business as it should be. Leadership at work-Right at the top and the helm of telecom. What a Change! Change that can transform this nation – power its dreams to be a developed nation”, said Mr Mittal.

“Reliance Jio has paid ₹ 7,864.78 crore, Adani Data Networks ₹ 18.94 crores, and Vodafone Idea ₹ 1,679.98 crores.”

“India’s techade is here! With 5G, semiconductor manufacturing and OFCs in villages, we are bringing a revolution through Digital India to the grassroots level,” said PM Modi at Red Fort.

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How 5G Is Different From 3G and 4G?

The most common but major difference between fifth generation or 5G mobile services and 3G or 4G services is sending massive amounts of data at tremendous speed. 5G has an edge over 3G or 4G because of its low latency, which will provide the smoothest network operations in various industries.

With low latency, 5G can transmit a high amount of data packets with very little delay. Now, upcoming 5G services are expected to be 10 times faster than 4G.

“The introduction of 5G is also anticipated to advance remote data monitoring in industries like mining, manufacturing, telemedicine, and storage, among others.”

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