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Why The Next 10 Years Of 5G Technology Will Smash The Last 10

Advancement and growth have just become another name for digital transformation.

While we are already cribbing about 4G not good enough due to age old ‘no network signals’, companies are already rushing towards adding one more G in our lives.

And before we get attracted to this another layer of G-string, let us figure out how this could really end our worries of network issues and we can enjoy uninterrupted services (For Real).

5G technology

It has been speculated that more than 20 billion devices will be connected to this new 5G technology. We will be able to run smart application and other devices including autonomous vehicles and experience services like never before.

But exactly what is this 5G?

The first question is how is 5G different from all the other services that we have used so far?

We all remember the time when 2G was launched and no matter how irritating it was, we still surfed the net with the speed of around 60 kbps. This was because mobile networks didn’t exactly know how to properly use the data.

Then the concept of multi-megabit download speeds arrived and we were gifted with 3G. And for most of us, the regular 3G internet that provided the speed of 7.2 Mbps, was quite enough for regular mobile browsing. But then our phones started getting more data-heavy and began to overwhelm most of the carrier networks. Our expectations too began climbing up with our handheld devices.

meaning of G in telecom

Though, operators had already predicted the need and were working in parallel to give us something faster. That’s when the network was upgraded from 3G to 4G raising our hopes that now our problems are finally addressed.

Only to realize later that the upgrade didn’t mean anything for mango people like us.

And even today, we all face the issues with 4G and our long ‘sweet nothings’ with telecom operators have only increased. For example, whenever we try to download a movie or make a video call, the signal gets interrupted. And sometimes, it takes a lot of patience to work with this speed.

Thankfully, with 5G, we will have the assurance that our signals will not get affected by anything.

What’s new in 5G?

The creators of 5G very well know the difficulties faced by users due to the signal interruption. Therefore, in order to overcome these hiccups, the network providers have come up with a genius ‘small cell technology.’

Instead of huge towers, we can expect to see dozens of small rectangular box sized cells that will send the signals without interruption. These boxes will be fitted on buildings, street lights, traffic lights and other infrastructures.


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Do we need a new device? Again?

Though we would still have to invest in a 5G device to get this service, but it would just be once and for all. It means, once we get a 5G phone, we won’t require to change it for upgrading to 6G like we had to in the past.

The reason is that mobile data technologies in past were built around hardware. On the contrary, 5G will be software-driven. This means that 5G can be updated far more easily and that too at a much lower cost as we would just have to get the software upgraded and would not have to change our device at all.

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FYI- We can expect 5G to perform at least 10 times the current speed of 4G.

There will be a tremendous change in the speed that we get while downloading or uploading anything. In simple words, suppose if today we are downloading a movie in an hour, with the 5G service, we will be able to download it in a couple of minutes.

The best part is that 5G will be backed up with spectrums that are built to support massive amounts of data and amazing speed. So, we can be rest assured about the speed and signal.

honeycomb technology

After all, that’s exactly what we need in this fast paced life, isn’t it? Moreover, the delay that we face while sending or receiving anything over phone will be eliminated.

It means when we click on send, it will instantly send the data. Similarly, when we download it will begin downloading instantly. As an added boon, 5G will not consume high battery and also provide high resolution and larger bandwidth.

5G is the Best of all worlds

All in all, 5G is the best of all worlds as it won’t restrict its users at any point. Be it speed or accessing multiple services at once, all will be possible with the introduction of 5G technology that is proposed to be launched in 2020.

The tech leaders know that 5G will change lives for sure and now we know too. So, we all just need to hold our enthusiasm and wait for 2020. Because that’s the golden year when we can finally have our hands on the awe-inspiring tech of ‘5G’.

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