6 Common Condom Mistakes That Can Spoil The Fun For You

Even if you think you know everything about sex, there’s eternally an exception when it comes to rather what we will call a tricky department. As a form of contraception, condoms help us keep unwanted pregnancy at bay while saving us from frightful STDs.

However, when it comes to using the condom the right way, a lot of us are left scratching our heads. Relax, it’s not your fault, the lack of sex education can be dreadful at times. So, imparting the much-needed information about condoms, herein we discuss common mistakes that you must avoid while using condoms.

1. Not Scanning The Condom First Hand


Yes, we get that your excitement is at its peak, but delaying it for a bit seems to be a better option than using a tattered condom. Whenever using a condom, trace it for any visible damage like holes that might have had occurred while opening the packet using your teeth. Don’t do that.

Also, condoms do expire, so make sure you are using a fresh one. A faulty condom is a big no.

2. Wearing It Wrong Or Double Bagging


There are many ways to wear a condom wrong, including wearing it upside down, double bagging, inside-out and experimenting with the wrong size. A big condom will slip off in between the action while a small one would leave your penis choking.

Double bagging, on the other hand, will increase the friction, resulting in breakage. Thus, you must need to ensure you get right with the size when buying a condom.

3. Experiment With Variety


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It is no secret that condoms come in all shapes and sizes. We have dotted, flavoured, then comes weirdly flavoured, thin, super thin, thinner than you think, one that glows in the dark and what not? With these many options on the table, why settle for just one? After all, not every rubber feels the same.

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4. You’ar Not Using The Right Lube


Although, condoms are enough greased already, yet, rubbing some extra never harms and will, certainly, add to the pleasure. However, you must be aware of what lube you must use or else it may cause skin problems. When choosing a lube, watch out for ones that are petrochemical-free and glycerin-free.

In case taking the action into the swimming pool, shower or a tub, consider using silicone-based lubes for the best experience.

5. Not Leaving Room At Top


For facts, four out of ten condom users don’t gently squeeze the tip of the condom before using it. The following is done to remove any trapped air and leave space for the sperm. Otherwise, the condom is more likely to break.

6. Not Using A Female Condom


A female condom is as effective as a male condom. However, lack of knowledge about the same refrain people from using them. For healthy sex practices and a twist in lovemaking, using a female condom, at times, must be considered.

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