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6 Hidden Gems Of Ladakh That You Must Add To Your Itinerary

Surrounded by fascinating mountains and freezing-cold weather which delivers travellers enough nature to behold and breathe in, Ladakh’s exotics lures us enough. Ladakh now a union territory is one destination that every traveller seeks a piece of invariably. However, unlike most of the tourist destinations, Ladakh is not frequently traveled by tourists, sparing them less information of the beauties it entails.

Thus ensuring you have enough reasons to plan a voyage to Ladakh, herein we bring you some hidden gems from Ladakh that you must visit.

1. Zanskar Valley

zanskar valley


Zanskar valley in Leh Ladakh is no less than a mirror that reflects the beautiful sky in its snow-covered terrain and chilly waters. Notably, Zanskar valley is one of the most desolate places in the Leh Ladakh region that you could visit.

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2. Tur Tuk

Tur Tuk


Tur Tuk is a small village that has been occupied by Pakistan back in 2010. However, the same is open to the general public. Tur Tuk may be a sensitive area, however, the village has an abundance of beauty to suck in. From grey sand and mountains to the Shyok river, it is a place where time seems to come to a standstill.


3. Panamik


Know for its hot sulphur spring, Panamik is a village 55 km away from the town of Diskit. The village enclosed by snow-clad offers its visitors a view of Siachen glacier while they lounge in hot springs that are believed to possess medicational properties.

4. Aryan Valley

Aryan Valley 


Located a little detour of Leh-Kargil highway, Aryan valley comprises of several villages and the unique culture of people who reside in those. The Aryan habitants have their own language and are quite friendly. If you are lucky, they might offer you Apricots hanging in almost all the trees in the valley’s vicinity.

5. Tso Kar Lake

Tso Kar Lake


Tso Kar Lake provides a motherly lap to numerous species of birds. From Black-Necked cranes to Brahmni ducks, bar-headed geese and the great crested grebe, there is so much biodiversity to be around when at Tso Kar lake.

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6. Uleytokpo



Uleytokpo is one of the most beautiful secrets of Ladakh blessed with everything that Ladakh has to offer as a whole. The village 70km west to Leh is one idyllic place to spend your weekend in the shadows of mountains and greenery.

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