6 Lesser Known Advantages Of Credit Cards

A credit card is an easy tool for creating credit and making transactions. Due to their simplicity of use and practical pay-back choices, credit cards have become a necessary part of our life. 

A credit card offers discounts, offers, and deals unsurpassed by any other financial goods and is a gold mine for the savvy user. However, if used improperly or if you charge more than you can afford to pay back when the bill arrives, credit cards may turn into debt traps.

Advantages Of Credit Cards

1. Purchase Protection: You recently made a sizable purchase. When you finally record your unpacking video, you realize that the newly purchased item is broken. However, there is still some hope. The cost of repairing or replacing the item is covered for a specific period of time under the purchase protection feature on your credit card. 

2. Extended Warranty: After the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, electronics and appliances frequently develop problems. Your credit card might save the day at that point. In addition to the initial warranty, certain Credit Cards provide additional warranty protection. Consider the large repair or replacement expenses you can avoid later on.

3. Travel Insurance: Although most travelers are aware of the discounts on airfare and lounge access provided by Credit Cards, they frequently tend to miss the thorough travel insurance coverage that is pre-loaded on their Credit Cards. Nothing can make you uneasy when you’re on an adventure, whether it’s a trip cancellation or missing luggage.

4. Price protection: Did you make a purchase only to discover that the cost dropped soon after? What if we told you that you could get the difference back? The only thing you need to do is see if your credit card has a price protection function. You can file a claim for reimbursement of the price difference if your card provides this benefit, ensuring you only spend what is required.

5. Gold Benefits: Benefits related to golf include free rounds of golf and reduced tee times, but there are other benefits as well. You will have access to golf courses all around the country and admission to important international golf competitions, depending on the credit card you have. You’re unfamiliar with the sport well. You may receive free professional golf lessons with some credit cards.

6. Concierge Services: Who doesn’t like a little bit of luxury in their lives? Living the high life is so simple when concierge services are included on your credit card. Your card’s concierge can help you with a wide range of tasks, like reserving a table at a restaurant, purchasing tickets for a concert, and locating the ideal present. Without having to pay anything extra for these services, save time and effort.

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