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6 Tiger Reserves Where You Can Spot The Big Cat In Full Glory

Tigers are an incredible creation, and seeing one through naked eyes could send chills down your spine. You have seen one?

Ehh!!! We are not talking about the ones you see in a zoo. The article is about wild tigers that you will find in dense jungles. And if you wish to see one, then “Padharo mare desh”.

In recent years, there has been a steady rise in the Tiger population in India making the land a lucrative place to spot the big cats. Moreover, to help increase the odds of spotting a tiger in India, we have scooped in a list of tiger reserves and parks that you can visit to behold the beast.

1. Bandhavgarh National Park

tiger reserve


Tucked along the northeastern border of Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh National Park in Umaria district is home to a decent number of tigers. Bandhavgarh is divided into three core zones: Tala, Magdhi and Khitauli among which, Magdhi is the best zone to spot the tigers.

Apart from wild cats, you also get to spot chital deer, nilgai antelope, sambar deer, wild boar, four-horned antelope, barking deer, Indian Bison, leopard, blue bull, wild dog, Indian fox and bear in the tiger reserve.

Best time to visit – April to June  
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2. Satpura National Park



Yet another, but less-known national park Satupra is located in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh. Besides thriving fauna, the park is home to a variety of wildlife including tigers, hyena, leopards, gaur, sambar, chital, barking deer, chin Kara, mouse deer, wild boars, wild dogs, bears, blackbucks, foxes, porcupines and flying squirrel.

However, you may have to wait for your chance to room the forest as only 12 vehicles are allowed in the park at a time. For facts, Satpura is also the only park where dismounting the vehicle and walking on foot is allowed.

Best time to visit – October to March
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3. Jim Corbett National Park



Jim Corbett National is the oldest national park in India popular for its Tiger habitat. Nestled in the foothills of Himalayas, Corbett spans across Pauri and Nainital in Uttrakhand. Jim Corbett is the ground where the Tiger conversation project ‘Project Tiger’ was launched in 1973.

When in Corbett, you get a chance to behold mighty elephants, leopards, jungle cats, fishing cats, sloth bears, jackals, Bharal, goral, Himalayan tahr, serow, chital, sambal and barking deer. The variety of terrain – forests and marshlands – is yet another attraction of the park.

Best time to visit – March to June
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4. Bandipur National Park

International tiger day


Bandipur national park – once a hunting ground – was turned it into a sanctuary in 1931 and then was included under ‘Project Tiger’. The tiger population (115 tigers) in the park as per census in 2010, is decent so have a fair chance to sight a tiger in Bandipur National Park.

Apart from tigers, the national park is home to a variety of birds that include sandpiper, eron, egret eagle, stork, falcon, peafowl, etc. and animals like leopard, Asiatic wild dog, elephant, sloth bear, spotted deer, striped hyena, barking deer, gaur, sambar, mouse deer, mongoose, and the slender loris.

Best time to visit – October to March
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5. Ranthambore National Park



If you want to capture tigers through your camera lenses, Ranthambore National Park is the place you should head for. The park, once a hunting ground for Maharajas of Jaipur, was once visited by Queen Elizabeth II when Prince Philip shot a tiger here. Years later, the government banned hunting tigers in Ranthambore National Park.

Rich in biodiversity, the park is home to 488 species of plants, 500 species of bird and 50 species of animals including leopards, jungle cats, sloth bears, hyenas, Indian foxes, jackals, crocodiles and a grand fort, which the animals use for shelter.

Best time to visit – October to April
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6. Kanha Tiger Reserve

national park


Counted among one of India’s largest national park, Kanha Tiger Reserve is another offering from the state of Madhya Pradesh. Kanha can be a chosen destination for aficionados of wildlife, especially the Tigers.

When roaming the tiger reserve, you bestow yourself an opportunity to absorb the panoramic beauty of the park that will not tire you out at any point. On a lucky day, you might encounter as many as 4 or 5 tigers as they roam around in herds like friends from nursery.

Best time to visit – April to June
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To Conclude

So next time if you crave tigers – although that’s some weird craving – ensure you book a safari, plan an itinerary, pack your bags and head to any of these reserves. The feeling of being in the earthly lap of mother nature with such species around is truly refreshing.

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