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7.5 Hours Wrist Surgery Successful, As Doctors Re-Attach Punjab’s ASI Chopped-Off Hand

After 7.5 hours of gruelling efforts by a team of specialists, the left hand of ASI of Punjab was reimplanted after it was chopped off by Nihang Sikhs in Patiala on Sunday. The ASI, in a sheer display of valour, had gone to the PSI hospital with his left hand in his right after the brutal attack sparked over an argument between the police and Nihang Sikhs.

The 50-year-old patient had an amputation through the proximal wrist of left hand, said the PGI.

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As per a report by Livemint, the reimplantation was started around 10 a.m. after initial preparation of the amputated part. Both radial and ulnar arteries, the vena comitantes and an extra dorsal vein were anastomosed (reconnection of blood verssels). All the flexors and extensor tendons were repaired.

“The re-implantation of the left hand of ASI Harjeet Singh has been done. The surgery took 7.5 hours. It was evaluated at the end of surgery that hand is viable, warm with good circulation,” said PGI, Chandigarh.

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“I am happy to share that a seven-and-half hour long surgery has been successfully completed in PGI to repair the severed wrist of ASI Harjeet Singh. I thank the entire team of doctors and support staff for their painstaking effort. Wishing ASI Harjeet Singh a speedy recovery,” said Punjab CM Amarinder Singh.

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