7 Best Foods To Build Stronger Bones

Often it doesn’t come to our mind that we do need to take care of our bones for good health. Bones have primary function of movement and posture in our body. But they also provide minerals like phosphorus and calcium when the brain signals the body. At young age you don’t need to bother much about bones but once you enter your late 30s you should look into it. You can bring dietary changes to build stronger bones.

In late 30’s your body becomes weak and it fails to replenish old cells. The same happens with bones and if you do not attend to this issue there are chances that you might develop osteoporosis. But if you exercise daily and have a healthy and balanced diet then you don’t have to worry.

We have prepared the list of food items that will help you to build stronger bones. Let’s have a quick read.

Milk And Milk Products

Milk and its products are thought first when you are talking about bone health. Milk contains calcium that is primary nutrient for maintaining good bone health. If you are focusing on losing weight then you can resort to fat free milk options. You can also add Vitamin A and D in your diet to boost bone health.


Nuts contain three nutrients that are essential for bone health; calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Magnesium helps in absorption of calcium in bones. Phosphorus is an important part of bone structure. You will be surprised to know that 85% phosphorus present in your body is found in bones.


Seeds are rich source of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. They also contain other nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids that are important to build stronger bones. There are various varieties of seeds that you can use to make a trail mix for snacking. You can use sunflower seeds, flax seeds, linseed, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and more. It also adds a good amount of fiber in your diet which can help with your metabolism.

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Leafy Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables contain nutrients like Vitamin K and calcium that make your bones stronger. Vegetables like kale, spinach, cabbage, turnip greens and broccoli. You can make soups or just simply wash and season them to put in your salads. You can check recipes online to make leafy vegetables interesting. But please don’t fry them at any cost!


Beans are rich in protein and fiber which can help you in building muscles and strong bones. Beans are important to people who live on plant based diet. People who do consume meat and meat based products get their protein intake from them. You can fulfill protein gap that comes in people who sustain themselves on plant based diet. It is also a good source of calcium. You can have kidney beans, black beans and pinto beans.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fishes like tuna, trout and salmon provide Vitamin D that is also known as sunshine vitamins useful to build stronger bones. It is a fat soluble vitamin that helps your gut to absorb calcium. They are also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that help in reducing inflammation in your body. It is true that exposure to sun triggers Vitamin D production but we don’t get enough of it.

Juices And Whole Grain Cereals

There are people who cannot have milk because of intolerance. For them there are fortified juices in market. You can pick ones with Vitamin D and calcium to make sure that you don’t have a nutrition deficit. You can also have fortified whole grain cereals if you are unable to find fortified juices.

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