7 Strict Indian Railway Rules for Passengers

The Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks in the world. It is an essential mode of transportation in our country. The estimated length of the railway network is 68,000 kilometres across the country. On a daily average, around 23 million people travel by train. But out of this figure, several passengers are charged a penalty or jail time for daily breaking the rules. Make sure to follow these rules, as they are created to benefit the customers, not Indian Railways. So, for a smooth travel experience, let’s discuss them in detail.

7 Indian Railway Rules for Passengers

6 Major Rules by Indian Railways Introduced for Customer Convenience

1. Pulling Chain in Train is a Trouble

Alarm chains are installed inside the trains for emergency times. A passenger can pull the chain to stop the train only when they have a significant reason because pulling it out of curiosity or personal need can attract a heavy fine or jail time.

2. Passengers Can Extend their Journey Inside Train

Due to a lack of seat availability, the passengers might not get the reservation for their final destination. But little do they know, they can get a ticket for a station before the actual destination and later can extend their journey with the help of TTE by paying extra. TTE will issue the ticket for an extended journey, but you may have to change your seat.

3. Restrictions on Middle Berth

A middle berth assigned passenger can only fold down the berth at 10 pm and that too till 6 am. The lower berth passenger can object to this if they exceed this timing. Moreover, until the middle berth passenger can’t fold down the seat, he can choose to sit on the upper or lower berth.

4. Two Stops Rule

If you missed boarding the train for any reason from the original station, then TTE cannot transfer your seat to anyone until an hour or two stops have passed. You will have a fair chance by the Indian Railways to board the train till two stops.

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5. 10 pm Rule

Indian Railways has made sure that passengers cannot be disturbed after 10 pm. Train journeys can be very long and tiresome. For convenience, railways have instructed TTEs to check the tickets before 10 pm, and even the meals cannot be distributed after this time.

6. Nobody Pays More Than MRP

You have probably experienced vendors selling packaged products over the MRP rates. Railways have made sure to end this practice and have instructed everyone to charge under MRP. So, packaged food items and beverages must be sold at the maximum retail price.

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