7 Things India Should Do More Often And Not Just For The Sake Of Trump’s Visit

Donald Trump’s visit to India is historic in its own ways – with that being a different story altogether. Meanwhile, the changes India went through to make the visit special for Trump is what we would focus on for the sake of this article.

Donald Trump's visit to India
Source – BBC

Trump, who is on a 2-day visit to India, has provoked the authorities to gather their wits (thankfully) to focus on things that actually matter. Be it getting the rivers cleaned up or tip toping the roads, the government has left no stone unturned to make this visit a memorable one for the US President.

And this actually proves that the government is invariably aware of what is wrong with the country and just turn a blind eye to it.

1. Let’s just make sure there are no slums in the first place instead of just hiding them.

The Indian government erecting a wall to hide the slums prior to a baron’s visit isn’t a new thing. Be it in the case of Donald Trump’s current visit or Japan Prime Minister’s Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie Abe’s visit in September 2017 visit (that too in Ahmedabad), the government has always tried to hide poverty.

slums for trump's visit
Source – The Irish Times

Though India has taken singificant steps in curbing poverty, but more of those must be made to pull itself out of such embarrassing situations.

2. Find a better place for animals and not just cage them during such visits.

Ahead of Trump’s visit, Agra Municipal Corporation Officials has house arrested and shifted many stray animals including cows and dogs so they don’t spoil the fun for Trump. The corporation has also deployed cattle catchers to get hold of the stray animals.

stray animals during trump visit
Source – Petsworld

However, keeping in mind India’s struggle with stray animals, shouldn’t the government already get them proper sheds so they don’t have to wander and block the roads?

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3. Why only deploy langurs for Trump and not for other Taj or Agra visitors?

In an interesting initiative, the authorities have also deployed langurs on the route of Trump’s convoy. Why? Because the Taj Mahal and its vicinity are often frequented by monkey menace and langurs, as per common belief, keep away the monkeys.

Source – India TV

Prompts me to ask why only deploy langurs for Trump and not for common people like us? I also have a history with monkeys stealing my bananas.

4. Let’s clean the Yamuna more frequently.

A Yammua cleanness sphere was launched by the government days before Trump’s visit to India. The water of Ganga was also diverted to the Yamuna so that during Trump’s visit to the Taj Mahal, the river looks cleaner.

Source – Livemint

Well, had the government taken efforts to clean the Yamuna over the years, it would have looked even cleaner than it is even after releasing fresh water into the same. Also, the fact that Agra is a prominent tourist spot, cleaning the Yamuna must be a priority.

5. Rope in artists to show the culture of India through graffiti on street walls.

The authorities have roped in artists to paint the street walls with graffiti representing the friendship between India and the US. And they look great, to be honest. With that being said, the government can take inspiration from the same and get the walls drenched with the paint and creativity of the artists to represent India and its culture on the walls.

Source – Livemint

This might also inspire young artists to choose it as a profession for themselves.

6. Cleaning the Taj Mahal must be a duty practiced often.

As per the reports, the replica of two graves inside the Taj Mahal have been cleaned for the first time in 300 years. The graves were first covered with clay and then cleaned with distilled water.

Cleaning the Taj Mahal for trumps visit
Source – Patrika

However, with the replicas being a prominent part of the Taj, that visitors are allowed a glimpse of, a cleanness after 300 long years seems sad and unbelievable.

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7. Strickly check that people don’t spit pan masala on roads and streets.

The Agra municipal corporation has sealed all the pan masala shops so people can’t buy paan and carelessly spit on the roads. Only if the rules and regulations were striker, such a thing wouldn’t have bothered the authorities. Also, people need to educate themselves to not practice such things.

Source – New India Express

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