8 Countries in The World With Slowest Internet Speed

In the current technological era where 5G level internet speed has been offered to the world by so many countries, there are few Nations where the graph has not even crossed 10 Mbps. Yes, that’s right, where Singapore has a massive broadband internet speed of 219 Mbps, Cuba has got the slowest internet speed of 4.01 Mbps. Let’s explore 7 more similar countries with the slowest internet speed in the world.

List of 8 Countries With Slowest Internet Speed

1. Cuba (4.01 Mbps)

Cuba With Slowest Internet Speed in the World

Cuba is a country in the world holding the title of having the slowest broadband speed of 4.01 Mbps or megabits per second. The main reason for this is that the nation has got just one undersea optic fibre for all the citizens to connect with. 11 million people in the country depend on this single fibre optic cable.

2. Turkmenistan (4.11 Mbps)

Turkmenistant World's Slowest Internet Speed

With an internet speed of 4.11 Mbps, Turkmenistan has become the second country in the world to have the slowest broadband internet speed. You can understand the problem as if you were to download a 5GB movie there, then it would take 22 hours.

3. Yemen (7.59 Mbps)


Due to the ongoing conflict, limited resources, and political issues in the country, people in Yemen have got an internet speed of 7.59 Mbps, which makes it the Country one of the slowest broadband speeds in the world.

4. Sudan (7.92 Mbps)


In Sudan, you can experience an internet speed of 7.92 Mbps. The reasons are that Sudan has limited resources, low competition among service providers, major political issues, and economic instability.

5. Equatorial Guinea (7.95 Mbps)

Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is established across several islands. Hence, there is no place to build the essential infrastructure required to build such connectivity that can give competition to the world. The country does not have enough fibre optic lines to offer an internet speed of not more than 7.95 Mbps.

6. Afghanistan (8.26 Mbps)


Afghanistan is not so developed technologically. The country has very limited telecommunication infrastructure, political instability, and low economic development has led to having one of the few slowest internet speed connections in the world. In this war-torn country, the broadband connection will give you a speed of 8.26 Mbps.

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7. Mozambique (9.27 Mbps)


The biggest drawback for Mozambique is its geographical location because of which it gets low levels of internet penetration. Moreover, the limited infrastructural development also halts its progress. Currently, people in this country get an internet speed of just 9.27 Mbps.

8. Algeria (10.43 Mbps)


Algeria has one of the slowest levels of internet speed in the world. People only get 10.43 Mbps to surf the internet. It is majorly because of the outdated technology in the country and lack of interest in investing to develop the infrastructure.

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