8 Effectives Tips From SBI To Secure Your Account

In today’s technophilic era, where everybody knows how to use technology, the number of victims losing their money due to online fraud is also increasing. People are falling for the lucrative but fake offers floating on social media and other third-party websites. Fraudsters have studied the digital world to find different hacks to defraud the public financially.

8 Effectives Tips From SBI To Secure Account

Take a Look at These 8 Effective Security Tips from SBI:

  • Stop clicking on the unknown links you see on the Internet. If you have received any mail or message with fake links, don’t click on them. Moreover, if the mail or message contains any offer from the bank or a brand, then instead of trusting them, you should visit the official website and cross-check.
  • Don’t respond or even mark spam to the message which asks for your personal or sensitive information like password or PIN. You can easily ignore these messages because no bank or financial institution asks for PIN, OTP or username.
  • Don’t trust apps downloaded from third parties or other trusted sources. These apps can contain malware and can steal information on your device.
  • Avoid sharing your screen with unknown devices, and don’t give access to any desk or any other remote access software to any individual. They can potentially steal access to your device to get personal data.
  • Regularly update your system’s antivirus to the latest version. Stop avoiding the operating system’s update warning and get it updated at once. Make sure your device’s security and spyware are updated regularly.
  • Stay away from adult and suspicious websites that look fake. They can expose your device to security risks. These sites may contain harmful software or viruses.
  • Ensure that the ‘File and Printing Sharing’ feature is disabled in your operating system settings to minimize the chances of unauthorized access to your files.

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  • It is essential to consistently monitor your account and transaction history to promptly identify any unauthorized or suspicious activities.
  • By implementing these precautions, you can enhance the security of your system and financial information effectively.

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