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8 Everyday Psychological Hacks That You Should Know About

It’s hard for you to get along with others and people says you are weird? Don’t worry you are not weird, you are just an introvert. You like your own company and you don’t like other people.

But still, you have to be in touch with other people, whether it is your date, an office meeting or just a regular day in the subway. I know you hate it all but there is no way to escape it, you have to face it all.

If you can get it through easily if you knew some basic psychological hacks about how our mind works. That’s why here we are with our 8¬†psychological hacks that will not make you feel nervous around others and you can easily get a huge leg up over others.

1. Pay attention toward others feet

If you find it hard to join a conversation when you are at a party or a small gathering. Paying attention towards someone feet can help you find, if people want you to join their conversation or not. If you are approaching someone in the middle of a conversation and they only move their torsos toward you and not their feet means they don’t want you to be the part of their conversation.

2. Foot-in-the-door

If you want someone to do you a favour, start with a simple request and don’t just ask them to get you a moon. It is based on our human brain psychology, gradual commitments make others think you like them.

3. Feet can tell you if they are getting bored

If you are having a talk with your colleague but when you notice their feet and they are not facing you, simply means they want the conversation to end as quickly as possible.

4. How to hear the complete truth

In case you have asked your partner “where were you last night?” In reply your partner did answer your question but it feels incomplete and you think they are hiding something. Simply wait and maintain the silence, continue making the eye contact and they will start talking the whole truth.

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5. Chew gum to beat your nervousness

Our brain thinks if we are chewing, we are not in any danger and if we are in danger why are we chewing. So, when you have to face your fears like going on a date, public speaking or just asking your girlfriend why she watched the entire Mirzapur without you, start with chewing gum and it will help you keep your calm.

6. Keep your calm and take a deep breath

You must have already known this, if someone is angry at you for no matter, just stay calm. It will make them angrier and eventually make them feel guilty for getting angry for no reason.

7. Impress others with your warm hand

According to the psychology of our brain, warm hands can help you liked by others. When you are meeting someone for the first time make sure your hands are warm when you give them a handshake. It will help you become a more desirable person to get along with.

8. Everyone likes you

There is only one way to feel confident and that is to feel that everyone likes you. If you walk into the room by assuming that everyone likes you will make you act the same way and you’ll feel confident.

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In Conclusion

These are some of the psychological hacks that one can use in their everyday life to feel confident and happy. Also, mastering these basic psychological hacks will also give you a big advantage to understand most people.

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