8 Famous Brands That Have Tweaked Up Their Logos To Promote Social Distancing

With the whole world talking about social distancing and promoting the same on different levels, it is obvious for brands to come out and spread a good word. And we are glad that some of the world’s best-known brands, known by almost every soul in the world, are doing just that.

As social distancing has become the talk of the town, brands have re-vamped their logos to promote the same. From McDonald’s to Audi, the firms have added a twist to their logos with a social message intact and it’s so delighting to watch. Have a look.

1. Audi

The German car manufacture has pulled apart its iconic four-rings to promote social distancing. It shared the new logo with a social message asking people to stay at home, be safe and help everyone who is trying their best to fight the pandemic.

2. Volkswagen

Though Volkswagen and Audi share the same ownership, their distinct popularity has inspired the two to tweak both of their logos separately. While Audi pulled apart the rings, Volkswagen, on the other hand, has pulled apart the V and W initials that it uses to represent the company.

Volkswagen beside the logo also shared an emotional video wherein it asks all to come together as “We” and fight the battle against coronavirus.

3. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has one best marketing team in the world and there is no way they are not taking part in such a good cause. So Coca-Cola has distanced the letters in its name to promote social distancing.

Source – Forbes

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4. McDonald’s

The fast-food chain McDonald’s has separated its iconic golden arches, which represents M, to stand with health officials and underline the importance of social distancing.

5. Chiquita

Chiquita, which is a Swiss producer of bananas and other produce used to have a lady in their logo. But amidst coronavirus lockdown, she is at her home adhering to social distancing.

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6. Mercedes

Mercedes logo has also been tweaked to promote social distancing. In the logo, Mercedes has shortened its famed three-pointed star, that use to touch the ring, to promote social distancing.

7. Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre, which is Argentina’s online marketplace, has changed its logo for the time being to promote social distancing. From shaking hands, Mercado Libre’s new logo now has two people bumping elbows.

8. Nike

Though Nike hasn’t tweaked its logo, it has a social message to share. Nike shared a simple message to promote social distancing asking people to “Play inside, play for the world”.

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