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8 Times When Meena From ‘Kota Factory’ Proved That He Is Too Pure For This World

What do you think made the web series ‘Kota Factory’ such a hit? For me, one of the reasons that make it hit with the audience is the relatable characters. And, if we talk about the character then how can we forget Jeetu bhaiya and Meena.

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Meena is one of the most brilliant characters I have found in ‘Kota Factory’. However, I have bought a few of his best moments from the show.

1. When Meena was first introduced

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Meena was the Vaibhav’s first friend in Kota. At the first meeting, he starts by asking Vaibhav to always switch off the RO after use. He ends his word by singing praises of Jeetu bhaiya. He comments on everything – from Maheshwari classes to phone apps to the rent Vaibhav will have to pay for a single room.

2. When he realizes that ‘rich people’ love cake

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Creators have tried to show the difference between Vaibhav and Meena’s upbringing. In certain instances, it may be hilarious but inoffensive. Also, it gives an insight into one of the many reasons why cracking an IIT is so important for him. 

3. Had a crush on Meenal

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Meena is in love with Meenal who believes in the same things just like him, such as studying hard and following the teacher’s instructions. 

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4. When he reminds that duty is not a revision

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Vaibhav thought of joining Maheshwari coaching and leaving his friends, but Meena reminds him that friendship is not a course that we have to revise. It can sustain, despite distances. 

5. When he stands up in Jeetu bhaiya’s defense

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At the beginning of season 2, he stood up in Jeetu bhaiya’s honour when Deepak bad-mouths Jeetu Bhaiya for leaving Prodigy classes.

6. When he conflicted over the idea of masturbation

When Shivangi says that masturbation is a normal process, Meena’s initial thought was disgust and shame because he has not been given proper information about hormonal changes and sexual desires.

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7. When he gets jealous of Vaibhav’s new friend

After joining Maheshwari coaching, when Vaibhav introduces his friend, Sushrat, to his old mates, Meena can’t help but be slightly jealous.

8. Will does not get Vaibhav’s mom cooking was his major concern

Vaibhav is hit by jaundice and his mom comes over to look after him. She also cooks for him as well his friends. Once Vaibhav got recovered, she has to go back home, but Meena cannot digest the fact that he won’t be able to enjoy home-cooked meals. 

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