8 Unique Things You Need to Know About Merle French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are sociable canines that get close to their owners. A playful and enjoyable dog to be around is a Merle French Bulldog. But several characteristics distinguish a Merle French Bulldog from other members of its family. Indeed, Merle French Bulldogs are distinctive. Merle French Bulldogs can be identified by their distinctive fur coat and eyes, which frequently have a blue appearance. The sight of a Merle will halt you in your tracks because of its gorgeous and distinctive fur coat. Don’t be fooled by the label “bulldog”; these canines are pleasant and have a kind disposition. 

French bulldogs are a well-liked pet among many because of their friendly and energetic nature. They also have gorgeous fur coats and eye-catching blues thanks to the merle gene. Learn more about Merle French bulldogs and their popularity in the sections below.

1. Special Pattern

A hereditary trait called Merle gives dogs their distinctive coat patterns. This gene produces a variety of pattern types that can be solid or piebald in appearance. Heterochromia iridium is a kind of condition that causes the eyes to be different hues, can occur from it even though it mostly affects a dog’s coat. Websites like bulldogpapa give detailed information about the patterns and their different kinds.

2. Merle Double

Each litter that results from mating two merle dogs has a 25% chance of being born a double merle. The merle gene is passed down twice in a double merle. In contrast to a dog with a typical merle coat, a double merle dog has an almost entirely white coat with a few spots of color scattered throughout. Also, they are likely to be born blind, deaf, or double merles.

3. M Allele

A dog with one copy of the M allele will have a merle coat. The genotype of merle dogs is Mm, which indicates that they have one allele for Merle (M) and one allele for non-merle (m). Puppies which are half Merle and half non-merle will typically result from breeding a non-merle dog (mm) to a merle dog (Mm).

You will typically receive a litter of puppy’s half Merle, one-quarter non-merle, and one quarter double merle if you breed two merle dogs together.

4. Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes Merle French Bulldogs

Blue Eyes Are Common in Merle French Bulldogs. The merle French bulldog is known for having bright blue eyes, which is one of its most distinguishing characteristics. These occur because the M-locus (also known as the Merle) gene is present in their bodies. Their eye color lightens due to the gene’s random pigment dilution.

Although the ALX4 gene can also result in blue eyes in Merle French bulldogs, this gene is the main culprit. This gene will probably result in blue eyes in French bulldogs. However, if a French bulldog lacks the ALX4 gene, it will likely have brown eyes. 

Also, due to low melanin levels, Merle French bulldogs may have blue eyes. The dog’s likelihood of growing blue eyes is higher if its body contains less of this amino acid.

5. Expensive

French Bulldogs with Merles Cost More Than French Bulldogs Without Merles. This French bulldog breed costs substantially more because it is not a natural breed. Unlike a standard French bulldog, which costs between $1,500 and $3,00, these dogs may be purchased for anywhere between $6,000 and $8,000. Merle French bulldogs are expensive to maintain and expensive to buy. They eat voraciously, and because of their genetic makeup, they frequently require veterinary care. Merle French bulldogs are selectively bred, as we have already seen, and as a result, they are costly. Merle French bulldogs do not naturally exist in the French bulldog family.

The more expensive Merle French bulldog is produced by artificial insemination and is born via caesarean section. French bulldog puppies are delivered more than 80% of the time via cesarean section. Additionally, when a Merle Frenchie crosses with a standard Frenchie, only half of the litter is made up of Merle Frenchie’s, which furthers their scarcity and sky-high cost. Finding a female French bulldog from breeders is challenging since she only bears three puppies at a time when she is in heat, which occurs once or twice a year.

6. Rare

Rare Species

Finding one of these canines can be challenging because they are not expected and are rare. You may typically conduct a short online search to find a breeder. This does not necessarily mean that the breeders are trustworthy, either. Ask for the dog’s DNA test and arrange a quick medical checkup to ensure you’re buying from a respectable breeder. Before you can breed these dogs in several states and areas, you must adhere to rules and requirements. Due to the higher problems with this breed, some people are against reproducing them, which raises ethical questions.

Due to the abovementioned factors, these pups are rarely bred by dog breeders. Finding a trustworthy breeder of these amazing dogs can be challenging, so you must do your research. The distinctive coat pattern of the Merle is not something you see very frequently. The distinctive Merle pattern on the dog’s fur coat is created by the base hue being flecked with stripes of various colors. This coat pattern is rare and distinctive among fur coat designs.

7. Not a pure breed

Finding one of these canines can be challenging because they are not common. You may typically conduct a short online search to find a breeder. This does not necessarily mean that the breeders are trustworthy, either. Ask for the dog’s DNA test and arrange a quick medical checkup to ensure you’re buying from a respectable breeder. Most Merle French bulldogs can be registered with the AKC, but their color is not one of the accepted breed colors. The AKC still accepts them despite this.

You must get an AKC registration form before registering a merle French bulldog with the organization. After that, photograph your animal. Your dog should be visible in the images from both the front and the side. Then, on the back of the pictures, put your dog’s name and the AKC registration number (found on the form). After completing this, complete the remaining portions of the registration form and mail it to the address listed at the top.

8. Health Issues

health of Merle French Bulldogs is problematic

The health of Merle French Bulldogs is problematic. The most prevalent issue is genetic abnormalities. Due to a rare genetic disorder, this dog may develop stunted limbs, blindness, or deafness. Many Merle French bulldogs also have hip dysplasia, immunological problems, allergies, and cardiac irregularities.

Additionally, please consider that they can have some eye anomalies due to their light-colored eyes. One eye being more significant than the other, one eye having a nictitating membrane covering it, cataracts, and coloboma are some of the more typical issues.


You must be ready for any health difficulties if you wish to get a merle French bulldog. Make sure the dog comes from a reputable breeder as well. By doing this, the dogs will be given the proper diet, care, and socialization. A moral breeder will happily answer any inquiries concerning a breeder’s dogs. Beautiful animals recognized for their unusual coat pattern include Merle French bulldogs. Although they are loving and gentle dogs, they have some major health issues due to their genetic makeup.

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