8-Year-Old Girl Dies Of ‘Old Age’ In Ukraine

If you are into Bollywood movies, you might have had seen Amitabh Bachchan starrer Paa wherein he plays the role of a child diagnosed with progeria. The same disease recently claimed the life of an 8-year-old in Ukraine.


For the unknown, progeria is a situation under which a human’s body ages at a rapid pace. Anna Saikdon suffered from Hutchinson-Gilford genetic progeria disease since birth. While she was mere 8-year-old physically, but her biological age was of someone who is 80-year-old.

8-Year-Old Girl Dies Of 'Old Age' In Ukraine

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The child passed away on Sunday after suffering multiple failures of her inner organs linked to her premature aging condition.

Source – Daily Mail

Her doctor Dr. Nadezhda Kataman briefing the phenomenon said, “For children with progeria diagnosis one year is equal to eight-to-ten years, so her real age was between 70 and 80.”

8-Year-Old Girl Dies Of 'Old Age' In Ukraine
Source – The Women Journal

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The doctor also added that Anna suffered strokes and limb paralysis, which affected the movement of her arms and legs.

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