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87th Airforce Day: Fighter Aircrafts That Keep Our Skies Safe

Our Air Warriors always make us proud and protect our skies with full determination and valour. On the 87th Airforce Day as we celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of our “heroes” we bring to you some exciting piece of information.

We all know that it’s the skill and talent of our fighter pilots that seals the deal for us on the D-Day. However, what about the machines they ride. Do you know what our Airforce has in store to destroy the enemy?

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If not then check out this list of fighter aircrafts that are empowering our Air Warriors to “Touch the sky with glory”.


This Russian origin aircraft is deadly enough to strike a painful strike in the hearts of the enemies.


The aircraft is capable of carrying medium-range guided air to air missiles and operates at a max speed of 2500 km/hr (Mach 2.35).



Performance of this aircraft is as ferocious as its name. The aircraft is a single-seater deep penetration strike aircraft that is capable of making fast attack.


The aircraft houses two 30MM guns and can carry R-350 Magic missile along with an external storage of over 4700 KG.



The MiG series might be known as “flying coffin” but has the capacity to send the enemies to there coffin on its day.


It is India’s most trusted and one of the oldest aircraft in service.



This is 4th generation aircraft of Indian Airforce can attain a maximum speed of 2495 km/hr(Mach 2.3).


Manufactured by France’s Dassault Aviation the aircraft carries two 30 mm integral cannons along with two matra super 530D medium-range and two R-550 magic II close combat missiles


Bison by name and Bison by work this is the Backbone of Indian Airforce.


The aircraft carries one 23mm twin-barrel cannon with four R-60 close combat missiles and operates at a maximum speed of 2230 km/hr.

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