9 Places In India Not To Visit When Its ‘Tip-Tip Barsa Paani’

Among the loved and most awaited seasons of India, the monsoon is loved by people for various reasons. In this article, we are discussing 9 such places which are not considered suitable for traveling during monsoons.

Don’t Travel To These Places During Monsoons

Monsoon brings relief from the heat waves that make survival difficult. Many people love to travel during monsoons and make holiday plans. Some go for long drives in the lush greenery and others move towards mountains. But have you observed the other side of the coin, I guess you have not. Monsoon brings many reasons to travel but some places become dangerous during this season. Excess rain results in floods, landslides, and other disasters. Modify your travel plans after we tell you about places that should be avoided during the showery season.


Don't Travel To These Places During Monsoons

The first on our list is ‘Sapno Ka Sehar’.You must have seen the headlines and even memes on what it takes for Mumbaikars to travel from one place to another during monsoons. The city gets drenched in rainwater and it rains cats and dogs here throughout the monsoon. If you have had plans to visit this city, let it remain a dream unless and until monsoons get over.


Don't Travel To These Places During Monsoons

Willing to escape to the mountains this rainy season? It’s a NO. Uttarakhand is no doubt beautiful and offers breathtaking views but is also flood-prone. The devastating floods of 2013 had left the state wounded and it is better to be careful while picking these destinations in the rains. Landslides and cloudbursts are also frequent during this season.


Don't Travel To These Places During Monsoons

This one is also a big NO. The wettest place on the earth remains almost the same throughout the years but monsoons are tough. The chances of mishaps and accidents are increased during this season. The locals who reside there face a shortage of fresh drinking water and travel to far-off places to fetch water.


Don't Travel To These Places During Monsoons

The places like Bodh Gaya and Rajgir are famous tourist destinations in the state. But when it rains, the state is not an ideal place to visit. The rivers like Kosi (called the sorrow of Bihar), Burhi, Gandak, and Bagmati get flooded and cause a lot of destruction in north Bihar.


Don't Travel To These Places During Monsoons

Orissa has a long and sad history of the massive destruction caused by cyclones, floods, and thunderstorms. The disaster management system has improved in recent years and efforts have been made to minimize the loss of lives. Traveling here amid rains and water-clogged roads is not a good idea.



Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh is also called the land of Gods and apples. The place is no doubt mesmerizing and a must-visit for nature lovers, but it is not advisable to go here during the rainy season. There is a risk of landslides and cloudbursts. 


Don't Travel To These Places During Monsoons

The heartbreaking and devastating images of the current Assam floods are enough to say why it should not be visited during monsoons. Floods, landslides, and roads drenched in water occur almost every year in some parts of the state.


Don't Travel To These Places During Monsoons

The beauty of northeastern states is worth admiring but not when it rains. Imagine being in mountains with poor or almost no internet connectivity ,landslide-prone hills, and roads where one incident can cost your life. Keep calm and plan a trip to Meghalaya between November to March.

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The beauty of this place in West Bengal between Himalayan hills fades when it rains excessively. Clogged roads and frequent landslides make it difficult for people to live and travel here. If you want to visit this place, it is best to have a plan for between October and March.

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