9 Tips To Ensure Car Insurance Claim Approval

A vehicle Insurance Claim or Car Insurance Claim is a process in which a policyholder requests to compensate for the damages after his or her car gets damaged due to an accident, fire, any natural or man-made disaster, etc. Even theft is also covered in your car insurance because major companies provide it. Moreover, these days claiming car insurance is much easier than it ever was. No paperwork is required, no need to be present physically, as the process is completely online. However, even after this process is as simple as reading a poem, many policyholders get their claims rejected due to silly reasons. So, we are here with the 5 best tips to help you get a car insurance claim approval instantly.

9 Tips To Ensure Car Insurance Claim

5 Tips For Policyholders To Avoid Rejection And Get A Car Insurance Claim Approval

Contact The Insurance Company Immediately

As soon as your car suffers damage because of any reason like an accident, natural calamity, man-made disaster, riots, theft, etc, you should immediately contact your insurance company and convey the message about the same. However, the company does understand that after a major accident you can’t contact them immediately. So, they allow a time of 24 to 48 hrs to contact them. But if you are unable to contact them at all, then the company expects your family members to do it.

Take Snaps Of The Incidents

To make your case solid proof, not miss any details, and remember the incident details correctly, you should click the photos of your car as soon as you reach the incident spot. Moreover, inform the local authorities immediately after taking snaps.

Fill Out The Insurance Claim Form

It’s obvious that you should file for an insurance claim by filling out the form to get compensation approval. And the second obvious thing is you can’t miss the details and afford any type of mistakes. Missing out on important details will make you look highly suspicious.

Keep Documents Ready

After you have filed the car insurance claim form, the company will ask you for valid documents like Driving Licence, car insurance bond, RC, etc. So, keep them ready at all times because if you fail at submitting these documents the insurance companies can reject your claim.

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Leave The Exclusions

Here exclusions mean the damages which are not covered by your insurance policy. You can find the list of these exclusion factors in your policy document. Some of the many exclusions are “drunk or intoxicated driving, driving without a valid licence, disobeying traffic rules, using non-permitted accessories, etc.” So, don’t try to get a claim for these exclusions.

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