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Meet Harbhajan Kaur Who Started Her Besan Barfi Startup At 90 Years Of Age. What’s Your Excuse?

The bad thing about fulfilling a dream is that it doesn’t come to you and you have to chase it. And the good thing about a dream is that you are never too old to chase it.

For anyone who thinks that they are too old to do something with their life, meet Harbhajan Kaur. The 94-year-old grandmother hails from Chandigarh where her Besan ki barfi is quite popular.

She dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur four years ago at the age of 90. And it was then she started her own startup ‘Harbhajan’s’ and she sells homemade besan ki barfi and pickles ever since.

In fact, her journey and story is so inspiring that even business tycoon Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to call her ‘Entrepreneur of the year’. 

Talking about the journey of her mother to The Better India, Harbhajan’s daughter, Raveena Suri, said that her mother expressed to her that she regrets never having earned any money of her own. Raveena was moved by her words and she decided to help her.

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And what happened next is an inspiring story of a lady becoming self-dependent and an entrepreneur.

Raveen said, “She has always been such an amazing cook but was content in remaining behind the scenes.”

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She added that her mother first sold besan barfi at a local organic market and made Rs 2,000 from it. She said, “That earning not only brought her happiness but also…confidence to take this initiative forward and make something of it.”

After that, she continued with her work and made barfis, chutneys and pickles to sell at the local market.

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Raveena helped her mom with the branding and packaging of the products. She also came up with a tagline – Bachpan Yaad Aajaye – for her products.

Over the years, she has made over 500 kgs of Barfi. She especially made 200 kgs of barfi for her granddaughter as she was getting married and needed sweets to send with cards the invitation cards.

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Raveena said, “Two months ago, my daughter got married and wanted the wedding invitations to be sent out with sweets that her nani (Kaur) made. She did not want any…from the market and preferred that they all be handmade by her nani. It was a lovely feeling for everyone.”

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