A Guide to Handling Broken Luggage at the Airport

The last thing you anticipate after a journey is to arrive at baggage claim to discover your luggage shattered. Even though it might be stressful and frustrating, these are the procedures to follow if your luggage arrives at the airport damaged:

1. Report the damage as soon as possible

  • Before leaving the airport, notify the airline’s baggage service office of the damage. This office is often located near the baggage claim area.
  • Report the damaged bag to the airline’s service department as soon as possible. Immediate notification enhances the likelihood of the airline recognizing and accepting responsibility for the problem.
  • Photograph the damaged suitcase and its contents. These images will come in handy when submitting a claim with the airline.
  • Provide flight details, luggage tag numbers, and a detailed description of the damage.

2. Complete the Property Irregularity Report (PIR)

  • To formally document the damage, airlines frequently require passengers to submit a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).
  • In your report, make sure you offer precise information regarding the harm.
  • If you choose to seek compensation, you must file a written claim with the airline within seven days of your trip, including a copy of the form.

3. Keep every detail about your suitcase in mind, and double-check your travel insurance.

  • Give a detailed description of your bag and its contents. Explain everything you brought and how you packed it. Before you depart, consider photographing your packed suitcase and its contents.
  • If you have travel insurance, check your policy for coverage for damaged or lost luggage. Notify your insurance carrier as soon as possible and follow their claim procedures.

4. Repair, replacement, and filing claims

  • Choose between mending and replacing the luggage based on the amount of damage. Some airlines pay reimbursement for repairs, while others supply replacements.
  • Once your claim and documentation are completed, you will often get compensation in the form of a cash payment, daily allowance, or reimbursement.

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