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A Robot Assisting Covid-19 Patients In-Home Quarantine; Read The Full Details

In Karamadai, the Mukkudal Robotics members along with three other students from schools reported have built a robot in order to help and support self-isolation with COVID-19.

Source: Robotics Business Review

A lot of people were infected with the virus and they are also treated in hospitals as the spread of the second wave of the corona. However, many of them are self-quarantined as well. Doctors encourage those people who are isolated at home to have their own bedroom and not to contact anyone while feeding. Now, this has become a matter of concern.

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In order to palliate the situation, the CEO of the organization, S.D.R. Niranjan, and Secretary, Manikandan, designed a robot in collaboration with K. Viswath, a Class 11 student, K. Nithin, and S. Athul Krishna, Class 10 students. These students came up with the concept in April and then the machine was built within a month. The machine was built to run on its own using a mobile application and other sensors. The machine comes with a responsibility that has the ability to transport water, food, and medicine.

It can carry up to 10 kg, including almost all types of in-house holds like meals, clothing, and medicines. It helps in avoiding physical contact, according to Mr. Niranjan. Additionally, it also comes with an arrangement to position a smartphone for clinical assessment with doctors. Mr.Niranjan further said that the robot can deliver hand sanitizers to patients and disinfect a room on its own. This robot is controlled remotely and can also be configured to perform particular tasks. Also, he stated that in the future, the system will be modified to carry oxygen cylinders to hospitals.

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