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Can You Guess The Price Of The New ‘Wheels’ For Mac Pro? Hint: It’s More Than A Set Of Car Wheels

Apple is infamous for overpricing its products and literally we are so used to it. So with no sign of surprise of my face, here is one another product (it’s not even a product) by Apple that is overpriced.

In its latest event, Apple, besides unveiling iPhone SE 2020, also unveiled a new set of wheels and feet for its Mac Pro. 

Source – Apple

And before you plan to buy the wheels, hear this out. The pair of handy alterations to your Mac Pro will cost you a whopping $699 and $299 respectively.

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So if we do the maths here, you will come to know that the brand new OnePlus 8, launched one night before, costs the same. Also, you can get yourself an Apple iPhone 11 for the same price.

Source – Tech Sport

However, to make the product a little cheaper for you, if you order the wheels while ordering the Mac Pro, then it will cost you $400. A brand new set of feet cost $299, however, they come free with the Mac Pro.

Source – Macrumours Forum

With coronavirus ruining the economies, leading job losses and depleting wealth of the people from across the globe, surely people were fumed at Apple for charging a selfish and bizarre price from the Mac Pro wheels.

ViralBake Telegram

And Twitter made sure that the Apple knows that.

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