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With winter on the cards, sex turns out to get even more intimate. And don’t tell me you disagree. Cuddling on the couch, warm intimate baths, oversized clothes and still silence. What better atmosphere you will find to have sex if not during winter?

Happens to be, winter has us comfortable enough to try new things to spice up the relationship. And if that’s what you trying to do this winter, then here is a sex position for every place in the house to help you “take them places“.

1. On The Couch

Over the line

Frankly, let’s get over spooning on the couch because it’s too cliche and overrated. Yea, I get it; it’s cute and stuff, but can we keep it for after sex and try Over the Line Sex position? Over the line has the girl laid horizontally on the couch handle while you stand on the floor as you enter then. You can take turns to do it while she faces at you and against you.

Over the line  sex position
Source – Askmen SEA

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2. At The Kitchen

Up-on-the counter

The kitchen is the most intimate place to do it. Like literally you can “eat” and enjoy the sex. A sex position as simple as “up-on-the-counter” turns out to be intimate when in the kitchen. Herein you just stand between your girl’s leg while she sits on the slab or counter. Simple yet interesting.

Up-on-the counter  sex position

3. The Bathroom

Upstanding citizen

Ok, showering together is an intimate affair in itself but in order to add more spice to it, try Upstanding Citizen. And if you have a bathtub, then sit on his lap while your back is against his chest. When it comes to upstanding citizen, you just pin her to the wall and lift her and get into her while she wraps her thighs around you. Just don’t slip.

Upstanding citizen sex position
Source – Woman’s Health

4. The Dining Hall

Butterfly sex position

Who needs a bed if you have a dining table? The dining table is one of the best places to have oral sex and if you don’t finish, then try the Butterfly sex position. You get into her while she half lies on the table with her legs over your shoulders. Intimate enough?

A Sex Position For Every Place In The House
Source – Thehealthsite.com

5. The Stairs

Stairway To Heaven

Although I can’t find the exact name of this sex position however it seems to be an updated version of the stairway to heaven. The position is simple to master and seems to give the utmost pleasure. All you need to do is have him sit on the stair and lower yourself down on him.

Stairway To Heaven  sex
Source – Schoolofsquirt.com

6. The Entry Way

That’s my door

Take entryway as any door you have in the house. You have the girl against one side of the door with her foot up on the other. You stand stuck against her and get into her form bottom with your hands on her and above her head.

That's my door  sex position
Source – Schoolofsquirt.com

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7. The Balcony

Doggy goes oral

The terrace is that place where you can be heard doing it. So you need to be quiet, which in some way or the other adds fun. When on a balcony, go for oral sex. This could entail she giving you a blo***b or you eating going down on your knees to eat from the back while she holds the balcony safety and moans while facing the city lights. It is a creative (standing) version of Doggy goes oral.

Balcony  sex
Source – cosmopolitan.com

8. Car Sex

Reverse cowgirl

If you hadn’t had car sex, you are really missing something in life. Car sex is intimate as it gives you a chance to it really closer due to space limitations. When in a car, girl on top is one position to try but the most fun is Reverse cowgirl.

A Sex Position For Every Place In The House
Source – cosmopolitan.com

9. The Bedroom

Sideways Straddle

You can try a whole lot of sex positions in the bedroom but if looking for something different this winter, then make sure you try out Sideways Straddle. The position gives your partner a whole back view of the sexy you while you do it. Make sure you look back at regular intervals him to spice the things up. Wink!! Wink!!

Sideways Straddle  sex position
Source – Bustle

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