A Step-by-Step Guide for Indian Users To Use Google Wallet in India

Google Wallet is now available to Indian customers. The software is available for download on the Google Play Store. The deployment has begun gradually. Google Wallet enables users to store debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards, among other things, as well as make payments via mobile devices.

It was introduced in 2011 but was eventually superseded by Google Pay in 2018. However, in India, Google will provide two unique apps—Google Pay and Google Wallet. 

Google Wallet allows users to transfer money to friends, pay for things both online and in-store, and even tap and pay at NFC-enabled terminals using their smartphones. However, it is now available as a standalone app and is not interchangeable with Google Pay, another payment tool provided by Google.

Google Wallet makes it easier to purchase online and in-store by removing the need to carry actual cards or cash. The service also includes additional security measures such as PIN protection and the ability to remotely deactivate service on a lost or stolen device.

According to sources, Google Wallet will function on handsets that support NFC. In India, Google will continue to sell both applications individually. It is up to the users to decide how they will utilize it. The app may also be downloaded to WearOS-powered watches.

Here’s What You Can Do With Google Wallet

  • Users may securely store debit, credit, loyalty, and gift cards in their Google Wallet account, removing the need to carry real cards.
  • Using Google Wallet, users may send money to friends, relatives, or anybody with an email or phone number. This function was particularly beneficial for sharing costs and reimbursing friends.
  • Users may also receive money from others straight to their Google Wallet account. This made it simpler to take payments from friends or for products and services.
  • Google Wallet allows users to make online payments on websites and applications that support Google Wallet as a payment mechanism. This improved the checkout process by allowing consumers to pay without having to input their payment information each time.

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