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On International Dog Day We Thank The Pawwdorable Creatures For Being The Forever Love Of Our Life

Scratch the dog and you will find a permanent job and also a partner that would come to your rescue no matter what. Dogs have been famous as humans’ best friend since the dawn of time. Dogs are so popular that fewer people know that they were the first animals to be domesticated thousands of years ago even before cows and goats.

These are some little facts associated with dogs but more are stories we share with our furry friends. They are sometimes the reason why life seems easier. They are also the reason why conversing with animals is so peaceful even when they pay no attention to what you have to say.

Dogs have proven their loyalty over time by being beside us through thick and thin and even weeping for us more than anyone else ever would. That little smile of them is known to whoosh!!! our woes and life seems so simpe around them. It’s like, you know you have someone waiting for you, forever.

And the best part? Dogs are so good around babies. They make the perfect cuddle buddies to them and when that happens, it is the most adorable moment in the world. Getting a dog for your baby? Highly recommended by us.

Then there are dogs who are not lazy like mine and have a job of making the world a safer place. Though less credited, but they make the lives of policemen way lot easier. Over the years, they have been involved in many investigations and must be credited for their efforts.

And, if you, anytime, anywhere, yearn for likes on your picture, get the dog to pose with you. That works all the time.

Someone rightly had said that a dog is the only being on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. And as we celebrate the international dogs’ day today, we would take a moment to thank all the dogs for being that being to the world and making the world a better place.

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What’s your dog’s name?

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