Aadhaar and Mobile Number Update Required to Prevent Freezing of Post Office Small Savings Account

To prevent transaction limits, the postal administration has requested that users of the Post Office Small Savings Account Scheme should link their mobile number and Aadhaar to their accounts within a month.

The government required anyone wishing to register a Post Office Small Savings Scheme account to furnish their Aadhaar number and attach their mobile phone number earlier this year through a gazette notification. The purpose of this additional criterion was to improve security and expedite the account opening procedure.

Existing account holders must disclose their Aadhaar number with the Post Office within six months, commencing on April 1, 2023, if they haven’t already. The account will become inactive until the holder’s Aadhaar number is submitted if this condition is not fulfilled within the allotted time limit.

When creating any Post Office Small Savings Scheme account, investors must now attach their mobile phone number to the account in addition to fulfilling the Aadhaar requirement. This step is taken to improve account holders’ convenience and fortify security. In addition, account users can use phone services, view their accounts online, and get critical alerts via SMS.

Shatrujeet Kapoor, the Director General of Police for Haryana, has pushed bank employees to make sure that bank accounts are connected to the mobile phone numbers shown on Aadhaar cards.

In a discussion with leaders from government and commercial banks, Kapoor stressed the necessity for an action plan to avoid cybercrime and talked about the difficulties in fighting it in the banking industry. Through a lecture, Inspector General of Ambala Sibas Kaviraj and Additional Director General of Police (Cyber), OP Singh, offered insights into these difficulties.

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