AAP Government Launches Bus Mitra Movement to Transform Public Commuting

The Bus Mitra initiative was started by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to promote public transportation and facilitate everyday commuting. As part of the program, AAP employees attempt to comprehend the problems encountered by travelers by standing at bus stops once a week.

According to Chenthil Iyer, vice president of AAP Pune, “AAP workers initiated the drive in the name of Bus Mitra.” Workers at AAP would interact with passengers by standing at bus stops. We’ll deal with a number of computer-related issues and follow up with the PMPML.

According to AAP, they intend to boost the number of bus mitras with the assistance of current PMPML commuters, who would encourage public transportation among the populace. The AAP staff intends to do a field report by learning about the commuters’ experiences and resolving any problems with PMPML.

What is the Bus Mitra Campaign of the AAP?

The Bus Mitra project by the AAP attempts to alleviate Pune’s increasing traffic congestion problems. The AAP is requesting volunteers to participate in this effort and aid in traffic decongestion, particularly in the areas of Pune around bus stops.

Bus shelters will be encouraged to be used by passengers by the volunteers who will be stationed at different bus stops and lead busses to approved spots. Among their duties are the following:

  • Bus Guiding: Rather than making impromptu stops in the middle of the road, volunteers stationed at different bus stops will direct busses to halt at specified spots. This lessens traffic congestion and preserves the flow of traffic.
  • Encouragement to Use Bus Shelters: Rather than waiting on the road, volunteers will request passengers to use the designated bus shelters. This guarantees commuters a more orderly and secure waiting area.
  • Taking Care of Private Automobiles and Rickshaws: Volunteers will ask rickshaws and private cars to park far from bus stations. By doing this, congestion and blockages around the stops are avoided, facilitating smooth bus operation.
  • Increasing Awareness: By actively interacting with passengers, volunteers will inform them of the advantages of utilizing bus shelters and obeying bus stop positions. Additionally, they will advance the Bus Mitra Initiative’s overarching objectives.
  • Increasing the Campaign’s Reach: In order to boost the coverage and effect of the program, AAP Pune is recruiting volunteers who are interested in signing up to be “bus mitras.”

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