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Abhay Deol And The Funny Reaction Of His Fans On His Recent Post Is Going Viral

Even though Abhay Deol is taking some time away from the silver screen. Still, something has happened that has made him today’s viral news.

Recently this Indian actor and producer shared a collage of his shirtless pictures along with a screenshot that will make you laugh. The screenshot is showing the reaction of social media users on his shirtless look.

What’s so funny in this picture?

Showing his bare chest covered with hair, Abhay first posted the original picture on September last year with a caption that reads, “Bare bear on a bike path! #fitness #outdoors #cycling #dontcareifyoudontlikechesthair #nofilter #allnatural.

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Since then the time has passed and his post has got some funny reaction that he just now happened to come across. So he decided to post the reaction of his fans on his bare chest photo and he posted the collage on Instagram and mentioned one of the reactions in his caption. It reads, “WHY TF ARE YOU INTO HAIRY OLD LOOKING MEN!! Jesus.” MADE ME LOL! #lostmyrazor #cantdoshitaboutageing #waittillyourturncomeslove.”

Not just his fans but some famous people also commented on his picture. Apart from the comments on the screenshot, the other comments from Diandra Soares a model and actor commented on the post, “Hahahahaha chya men too bloody cute !!!! The comment & you hawwwt.” Another comment by actor and musician Spence wrote, “Haha hairy or not you’re a freakin stud bro.” Sushant Divgikr winner of a beauty contest wrote, “I’m sorry. But I think you’re too hot. Ok bye !” Actor Pranati Rai Prakash taking the side of Abhay wrote, “You are handsome! I like hairy chests! Plus it’s the most natural thing. People!”

In Conclusion:

Within 22 hours, this collage got more than 40,000 likes, going viral and flooding the comment section with the praise and trolls. “Ageing never look SO GOOOOOOD. Setting Instagram on one post at a time,” commented one fan. Another commented, “May you never find your razor again.”

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