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Will 2019 Witness ‘Abki Bar Modi Sarkar’ Again?

2014 was all about ‘Abki Bar Modi Sarkar’,.

And this year, BJP has molded the slogan to ‘Fir Ek Bar Modi Sarkar’. But, will this work? The current scenario certainly doesn’t favor BJP at all and if you consider the recent Assembly elections, the chances of winning are getting narrower by the minute.

What are we expecting from 2019 elections?


Frankly speaking, team Modi sold itself to voters across the country during its last campaign by spreading the propaganda of dynamic governance and jobs for all. Sadly, BJP failed to fulfill its promise and everyone could see that there was no acceleration in GDP nor there were jobs for all.

Naturally, voters are skeptical about the whole Lok Sabha elections. No wonder, the upcoming elections are most likely to overshadow the recent assembly elections. Also, we need to recall the fact that in 2014, BJP had won the elections with a massive number in the states of – Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh.

However, this time it went haywire and BJP lost badly in all these states.

The achievements of BJP yet!

Abki Bar Modi Sarkar

BJP had promised ‘Acchey din’ to its voters but did they really bring good days? Looking at the achievements in the last five years, BJP could only come up with basic things like constructing toilets, safer bank accounts, LPG cylinders, decent houses and a few other ailments of social security. But is that the definition of Acchey din?

Voters all across were disappointed after joining hands in the nationwide campaign of Abki bar Modi sarkar, because they didn’t get what they were expecting.

The voters clearly think otherwise about the whole agenda of Acchey din now. Considering the ‘n’ number of rebel forces that joined hands in opposing BJP, which were mostly the dominant castes including- Yadavs, Jatts, Marathas, Patidars – it seems that BJP is trying to peace out with them in the longer run.

This is not what BJP was before. It believed in doing the right thing and not compromising. But the norms seem to have changed now. Obviously, the opposition has been keeping a keen eye on these movements and claims made by BJP, so that they can debunk it later on.

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5 Reasons why its most likely NOT going to Abki Bar Modi Sarkar

Abki Bar Modi Sarkar

The opposition has kept coming back at BJP for various loopholes that they traced during the five-year rule. And now that they have overpowered in three states throwing BJP off the competition, they clealry seem to have an agenda. Here are 5 reasons why its most likely not going to Abki Bar Modi Sarkar, fir ek bar!

1. BJP lost 7 out of 9 Lok Sabha seats

Some may think that it’s not a big deal and that BJP would overcome the defeat it tasted in the recent elections, but its most likely to be otherwise. Voters from the dominant states have sided with Congress and the party couldn’t have been prouder.

Keeping that in mind, it seems really a herculean task for BJP to overpower everything and ask voters to change sides now that they have witnessed what Acchey din are like.

2. The recent opposition winnings

Of course, the recent winnings of Congress- the official rival of BJP has made it a possibility that they are going to throw the party off the throne. They have already snatched the heartland states that BJP was proud of.

Also, the recent winnings have put a stamp on the fact that voters did not get Acchey din as promised by Modi sarkar. So, they can very well choose to not go with BJP this year.

3. The turmoil of Ram Mandir and communal polarisation

Abki Bar Modi Sarkar

Team BJP failed to keep a diplomatic approach on the debates over the ongoing issues. Especially the ones related to spreading Hinduism propaganda among voters with an intent to unify them.

It certainly goes way beyond the Ram Mandir issue because several castes have been carrying on their own personal agenda of unifying voters in the name of Hinduism. And it is definitely not going to a good thing for BJP.

4. Modi vs Rahul

The current battleground is all set for Modi versus Rahul and certainly, it’s going to be a tough call for team BJP. Even though BJP was able to include two north-east states under its wing, it cannot afford to lose more than 30 -40 seats in the upcoming elections.

Because if they do, it will be a golden opportunity for Congress. Already BJP has lost many of its allies and if this continues, BJP won’t be on the throne anymore.

5. Regional parties seem to cut off their strings with BJP

The Opposition camp comprises of parties BJD (Odisha), TRS (Telangana), YSRCP (Andhra Pradesh) and possibly AIADMK. All are set to move away from being associated with team BJP.

Moreover, these parties are most likely to publicly attack BJP with all kinds of allegations. As a matter of fact, Telangana Assembly has been delinked by TRS as they want to support the idea of a non-BJP and non-Congress front. Another red flag for team BJP.

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In Conclusion:

Until the elections are held, BJP needs to decide whether it should follow the propaganda of ModiJi’s development narrative or choose the other option to unify voters in the name of communal Hinduism. Although, whatever happens, BJP is not going to untie its knots with Modi.

Even though Congress takes over the throne, team BJP would most likely wait for the downfall of the party and meanwhile work to strengthen its roots. But what if some third front takes over? Coming days are definitely tricky and filled with speculations.

And Abki Bar Modi Sarkar is most likely not going to happen in 2019!

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