ABP News Runs Clips OF PUBG Trailer Claiming It As Footage Of Upcoming FAU-G Game

Days after the ban on PUBG in India, a new game, FAU-G, was announced by Akshay Kumar. However, even before its release, it has garnered its share of both applauds and controversies.

Two days after the government banned PUBG in India, nCore Games announced a new Indian version of PUBG Mobile called FAU-G or Fearless And United: Guards. And miraculously, on the same day, ABP News aired the gameplay of the FAU-G game, which hasn’t even been even released yet.

At 2:08 minutes, ABP News anchor claims that the visuals playing on television screens are from the upcoming Indian game FAU-G. “See this is the game we were just talking about, which you can spot on your television screens. You must have seen PUBG and FAU-G is similar to this. FAU-G has taken the place of PUBG and you can see images of how the game is going to look. FAU-G. See these two visuals. On one side you can see how gaming used to be on PUBG and on the other side you can see FAU-G taking the place of PUBG. The visuals that the game will have and how it will be played,” said the anchor in Hindi.

ABP claims that the gameplay it’s showing is of FAU-G. However, the claim is not true. ABP News, shamelessly, used PUBG’s official trailer video to fool people. Have a look:

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The footage that ABP showed is the same as that of ‘PUBG – Season 4 Gameplay Trailer’ released on September 4, 2019.

Here is a comparison between scenes of the trailer and ABP News’ footage.

fake faug gameplay

ViralBake Telegram


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With garnering TRP the only motive, such stunts by news channels often come into light with little to no actions taken against them.

Pictures source ALT News

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