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Accidental Prime Minister Spoof Videos Are As Good As The Trailer But Way Too Hilarious

People are continuously tweeting about Anupam Kher’s new movie ‘The Accidental Prime Minister.’ It is based on the book Sanjaya Baru’s 2014 memoirs of Manmohan Singh.

Just like the book, the movie has also been a topic of controversy on social media.

Its trailer has gone missing from YouTube in many countries, while some media channels are accusing the movie as negative propaganda for Congress. This movie certainly has become a controversial one in our country.

But amidst of all these, netzines are currently busy sharing two fan-made Accidental Prime Minister spoof videos. One featuring GOT while the other one includes everyone’s favorite ‘Avengers cast’.

What are these spoof trailers?

Two different youtube creators came up with two mind-blowing spoofs. In the Accidental Prime Minister ft GOT spoof trailer, all the characters of this movie are replaced with characters of Game of Thrones.

Accidental Prime Minister spoof videos

Ned Stark replaces the scenes of Anupam Kher in the movie. Cersei Lannister portrays Sonia Gandhi, Joffery becomes Rahul Gandhi and Tyrion plays Sanjay Baru among others.

Accidental Prime Minister spoof videos

The video is certainly hilarious. But you if you think nothing can beat it, wait till you see the next spoof trailer. This one is – The Accidental Prime Minister ft Avengers.

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Similar to the first one in this spoof trailer, the visuals of Accidental Prime Minister has been replaced by the video of Marvel’s Avenger. The mashup video does look hilarious and has something that can totally distract viewer’s attention from all the ongoing controversial talks. Especially the parts when Director Fury lipsyncs the Hindi dialogues.

We have already watched both the Accidental Prime Minister spoof videos, now it’s your turn. Watch the spoofs here:

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In Conclusion:

The movie is set to release around the election time, which is why people are accusing the movie of false propaganda against Congress government.

But wait, we are not going to talk about all this. Just tell us which spoof did you like better?

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