Ace The Beauty Game With These Amazing Eye Makeup Tips

Eye makeup is the most challenging part for all makeup lovers. In this article, we are here with some simple yet effective tips which can help you in winning the beauty game.

All About Eye Makeup Tips

Doing Perfect Eye Makeup is a dream of every makeup lover. It gives nightmares to those who are beginners. For your convenience, we have distributed the makeup tip in three categories – Eyebrow tips, Eyeliner tips, Eyeshadow tips, and Mascara tips.

Eye Makeup- Eyeliner Tips

Eye Makeup- Eyeliner Tips
  • Keep your eyelids clean and apply primer on them so that the makeup stays for longer hours.
  • Use the Tight-lining method, it is all about applying eyeliner tightly to the lash line as possible. Connect the dots by drawing a dotted line from the outside to the inside corner.
  • The tip of your eyeliner should be thin yet blunt. Freeze it for a few hours before applying.
  • If you are using a liner for the first time, use pencil eyeliners instead of liquid ones. Use the liquid one once you get used to it.

Eye Makeup-Eyeshadow Tips

 Eye Makeup-Eyeshadow Tips
  • Eyeshadows complete the eye makeup and must be applied appropriately.
  • Apply primer on your skin to ensure that the eye shadow stays for a longer period.
  • Use different shades of shadows(dark for the bottom, medium shade for above that, and light shade for the top) and blend them.

Few Eyebrow Tips

 Few Eyebrow Tips
  • Get the shape of your eyebrows done as per the shape of your face.
  • Use an eyebrow gel to keep your brows in a better way, a bit of gel can enhance your look.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil or light highlighter to define the brows.

Mascara Tips

Mascara Tips
  • Start applying mascara from the base of your lashes and then move away to the tips.
  • Keep a 10 seconds gap if you are going for a second coat.
  • Wipe off the excess mascara before applying, it gives a better look.

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