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Actual Coronavirus Deaths In China Are 24,539 As Per A Leaked Report

The claims that China may be hiding the actual number of deaths caused by coronavirus seems to be true as per a report. China’s second-largest company, Tencent Holdings, may have inadvertently leaked the real number of deaths in China caused by Novel Coronavirus.


This comes after Tencent’s webpage called ‘Epidemic Situation Tracker’ was updated for a brief moment showcasing 24,589 deaths and 1,54,023 infected. The number is 24,000 higher than the official reports. As per the official government reports, the virus has killed over 560 and infected over 28,000 in China.

Source – Daily Mail

Some people are however speculating that a coding problem could have caused the fluctuation in numbers, however, others believe that someone behind the scenes is trying to leak the real numbers.

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As of now, three China returned students in Kerala have been reported positive with the virus. The people looking into the matter have said that the patients are in stable condition and responding well to the treatment.

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