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Adani Clarifies That They Do Not Buy Food Grains From Farmers After Opposition Alleges That Farm Laws Are For Adani, Ambani

The opposition, over the years, has tried to develop a picture of BJP among people that everything that BJP does is to benefit Mukesh Ambani-backed Reliance Group or Gautam Adani’s, Adani Enterprise. And honestly, the opposition seems to be getting better at it.

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Nevertheless, many of these claims, over the years have been proven false. For example, here is a claim by AAP-associated YouTuber and biased BJP-critic Dhruv Rathee, where he has accused BJP of selling a highly sensitive green land in Chhattisgarh for mining purposes to Adani.

However, Adani enterprise was soon to call out the fake news and criticised Rathee for spewing such ill-agenda only to satisfy his anti-BJP followers.

Farm Protest and Adani Connect

This group of accusor is again back amidst the ongoing farmers protest and is trying its best to cash on the opportunity to accuse BJP of crony capitalism.

Several people and parties on social media, including CPI(M), has accused BJP of introducing new farm laws only to benefit private firms like of Adani’s and Ambani’s.

CPI(M) even posted pictures alleging that the Ahmedabad-based company of Adani has registered several Agri based companies in 2019 and the current bills are to benefit the firm.

Again, criticising the false propaganda, Adani Enterprise took on Twitter to clarify that it neither buys food grains from farmers nor decides the pricing of food grains.

“The company has no role in deciding the volume of storage as well as pricing of grain as it only a service/ infrastructure provider for the FCI,” it said in a statement posted on its Twitter handle.

Adani Enterprises said that it only works with the government when it comes to the construction of silos used for the procurement of food grains purchased by the Food Corporation of India. And this they have been doing since 2005.

“We do not own any food grains procured from farmers, and are in no way connected to the pricing of grains,” it added.

The firm further goes on to add that FCI offers storage and transport infrastructure building projects in the country so that food grains could be safely stored and then supplied to the PDS system.

Adani Enterprises said that the contract to construct and maintain these silos are procured after winning competitive and transparent tender bidding.

“Using ongoing issues for mudslinging is a clear attempt to not only tarnish the reputation of a responsible corporate but also misguide public opinion and hurt their sentiment,” Adani Group said.

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