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Addiction: Man Cuts Fence, Escapes Quarantine To Buy Alcohol

Addiction can be a really bad thing and it can force you to take some really unnecessary risks as well. If you don’t believe this then here is a real-life example of that which has made the news. A man cut the fencing, escaped to get a sip of his favorite drink Alcohol.

The incident has come to light from New Zealand. The 52 years old man named Martin James McVicar, 52, cut out the fence of the quarantine facility to escape and go to the market to get the Alcohol. As per reports from nzherald Martin absconded from the Distinction Hotel and went to a nearby liquor store.


He picked beer and wine before leaving. A woman said to be his daughter warned him as he decided to escape the quarantine for liquor. “This is the first I have heard of it [the alleged incident]. He’s the nicest guy ever; he wouldn’t have done this intentionally“, said the Woman. Martin was arrested by the local police after his escape from the quarantine.

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As per nzherald he was twice tested negative for Covid-19, first in a test taken on day three of his isolation period, and again yesterday. The man also faces charges of intentional damage relating to a 52-inch television belonging to the hotel where he was quarantined. He would reappear in court on July 15.

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