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After 158 Years, Here’s How The Concept Of Adultery Will Change In India

Finally, after 158 years of being chained to the laws, yesterday, just like Sec 377, adultery was set free by the Apex court.

For you people out there, who are pissed with your spouse, its time now to rejoice. No hard feelings, but the society can’t do shit about it now.

You can have extramarital affairs, enjoy your life the way you want. And the so-called ‘CHAR LOG’ who used to poke their nose in every step that you take, can literally FO. Because adultery, my friends, is not a crime anymore.

Thinking on the same lines, here are the things that will change in India after the ruling out of Section 497-

1. If he/she can’t love you, you can find love from wherever the Phuk you want

Literally, after the court passed its ultimate judgment on the adultery law, you are free to choose another person to love (only if you aren’t getting it from spouse though). But if you are stuck with someone who is planets apart from you, you have a choice of finding love without going behind the bars for the same. And damn, that’s super cool!

2. Open relationships will finally make way in Indian culture

India has always frowned on the concept of open relationships. But secretly every Indian dreams of living life like the westerners do. And hell yeah, now you can. You can live with your wife and still love another woman (married, unmarried …no issues). And ladies, the same goes for you. A win-win situation for both!

3. Gone are the days when you had to jump out of the window

Guys, you can now chill out and relax when you are with your love affair. No need to panic with each knock and grab your clothes to jump off the 11th floor. No one is going to arrest you for loving a married woman. Not even the spouse can call the police. Sounds too unrealistic, right? But it is true.

4. Lust stories finally will come into existence in practical life

Who knew, Lust stories will be possible for real, in India! And ladies, if you are married to someone who sleeps without satisfying you, you can very well have an affair. That too without worrying about the law or thinking that you are committing a crime. Because, it ain’t a crime anymore, gurl!

5. You can fix your marriage dent on your own

The court was so tired of hearing the same old shit about adultery, that it ruled it out. So, folks, you need to gear up and fix the dent in your marriage and commitment on your own. Police are not going to chain you or get into your personal matters. You don’t have a faithful husband, find another man. You don’t have a loyal wife, find another woman. Sorted!

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Having said that, you should also know how the netizens are reacting about this decision of the Supreme Court. And just so you know, some of the reactions are downright hilarious.

Ghor kalyug!!

Damn!! That burn!!


ViralBake Telegram

Group sex! LOL!

Back to Stone Age!

ha ha ha ha


And last but not the least!

That’s all people! 
What are your views on it? Drop in the comments and let us know!

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