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Adventures Every Pet Owner Go Through In Their Life

I always wanted to own a pet, a pet dog to be precise. But I don’t know why my family never allowed. My mom never gave me the permission. Although she grew up in a pet-friendly house, she never allowed me to own even a single pet.

But, when I moved to my own apartment, the first thing I planned was to adopt a pet. And I was like now I live alone and no-one can stop me from keeping a dog inside my room (at least what I thought).

I was all set to adopt a cute puppy, but then I get to know that pets are not allowed in my society. Just like this, here are some more adventures that every pet owner goes through in their life.

1. Finding a pet-friendly hotel

pets jumping on bed

If you are going on a vacation, leaving your dog with your neighbors is not something that you would want to do, that’s why you take your dog with you. Though, I guess you forgot how hard it is to find a pet-friendly hotel.

2. Going on a daily marathon

Old woman and dog

Going on a walk is okay, but my dog makes me run for more than 5 km.

3. Preparing for your pet’s birthday

Dog's birthday

My dog is not a just my pet, he is my friend and I like to celebrate the birthday of my friends. I hope you like it too.

4. Making a special calendar made with your pet’s pictures

pet picture calendar

Calendars with the pictures of your pet look cute. I don’t think I need to add anything more here.

5. Your dinner is always pet-friendly

Dog eating food

You can’t let your pet eat something that can make them sick, that’s why the dinner you make every night tastes more like dog food.

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6. Going shopping together

Shopping Raccoon

Nothing special, you just like to take your dog everywhere you go, but not all the stores near you are pet-friendly. That’s why you have to drive 30 minutes every week just to buy the groceries.

7. Saturday nights are already booked for watching dog movies

Dog watching tv

Maybe your dog loves watching movie, or maybe you want your pet to know what kind of bond you want to form with them. Whatever the reason, watching movies with your pet is very fun.

8. Taking your pet to work

don in office

Maybe your dog is naughty and you can’t leave him alone or maybe he is sick. A pet owner always finds a reason to bring his pet to the work.

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9. Taking your dog to a dog spa

pet in spa

Life is not easy, not just for humans but also for animals. That’s why they also need luxury treatment.

10. Taking your pet to fucking everywhere

Pet in bag

Luckily, they allow pets to travel in flights. Otherwise, I would be smuggling my own dog across the border.

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In Conclusion

Now I know why my Maa didn’t let me keep a pet. You get too attached to these furry beasts. After that, your life is a new adventure that only pet lovers can understand.

Tell us the adventure you face being a pet owner.

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