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Best Advice From The Most Famous Entrepreneurs On Having A Successful Life

Your success depends on how your mind works. And when it comes to positive thinking, entrepreneurs are the best example.

Their way of thinking is a bit different. Some might even say that they react and respond to life in a weird way. But, they are certainly successful and there is no harm in learning from the people who earn more than most of us.

So, here is some advice from the most successful entrepreneurs on having a successful life.

1. Bill Gates

Advice for successful life

Honestly speaking, he is my favorite and his quote has helped me a lot in my life. No matter how successful you are, never get overconfident. Success doesn’t mean you can’t lose, even if you are very successful you still have to be careful with your decisions, whether in life or in your next venture.

Be humble and work hard, nothing comes for granted in life.

2. Steve Jobs

Advice for successful life

Trust is an integral part of our lives, that stands the same for success in business as well. I might not like iPhone but I love this guy, he was one of the greatest man on this planet. Steve knows that life doesn’t work your way, unimaginable things happen every time. No matter how well you have planned your future, unforeseen circumstances can easily mess up with our plans.

So, don’t waste your time connecting dots forward (planning things in advance). Instead, believe that whatever is happening will somehow connect in your future, for your betterment.

3. Mark Cuban

Advice for successful life

You all must have heard this on many different occasions in your life, maybe, not in the same way Mark Cuban defines it. But in a more easy way, which says: “Hard work is the key to success”. If you want to have a happy and successful life, you need to do hard work as there are no shortcuts.

In life, nothing comes on its own until you start doing hard work.

4. Barbara Corcoran

Advice for successful life

The simple meaning behind this beautiful quote is to give respect and take respect. You don’t have to be rude with everyone every time to prove your point. To become successful in life you have to be humble as no one likes rude people, be nice to everyone and treat them respectfully.

Give respect and they will die for you.

5. Eric Schmidt

Advice for successful life

‘Yes’ is a very optimistic word, that can completely change the way one can think. Saying yes to things can open up a completely new and better world for you. In life, find a way to accept new challenges and work hard to finish them.

You’ll be amazed by the results and the changes, just by saying yes.

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6. Tony Hsieh

Advice for successful life

No one can do everything, and being stubborn to do something, that you are not made to do, is foolishness. Don’t follow others (which is apparently the core thinking of all the successful entrepreneurs) and find your own way. Following what others are doing won’t help you to get success, it will just help you to earn something.

Accept your flaws and find what you are good at.

7. Marc Andreessen

Advice for successful life

Spend your time making a better version of you, so that you can stand in a crowd of 1000 people and they can recognize you. Learn to stand on your feet, so that no one can ignore you. And make yourself worth something that everyone wants.

Invest in yourself to become successful in life.

8. Richard Branson

Advice for successful life

There is no reason for spending your time, thinking about things that took place in the past. You should have something more important to do in life rather than just waiting and thinking about Yesterday. It is already gone and you can’t achieve anything this way. It is only going to waste your precious time.
Most of us make this mistake and waste our present thinking about the past. So, stop thinking about what’s already happened and focus on now.

9. Warren Buffett

Advice for successful life

Being spontaneous is good, but one bad decision can ruin everything. Think twice before you do anything and try to apprehend all the possible outcomes of your decision. Building a reputation is hard and in life, your reputation speaks for your success.
So, think twice before you do anything. Decisions you make in your life can change everything.

10. Mark Zuckerberg

Advice for successful life

I don’t think this one needs any explanation. Taking risks in life means finding out if you are right or not. If you are right you’ll find success and if not, then you’ll know that it is time to move on now. Go and ask the girl you like and find out if she like you as well or not. If she like you, you’ll have a new girlfriend but if she doesn’t, you’ll know it’s time to stop thinking about her.
If someone is afraid of taking risks in life, he/she is missing the opportunity to become successful.

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In Conclusion:

Life has already planned a new challenge for you, while you are still stuck with the first one. Don’t get afraid and use these pieces of advice from the most successful entrepreneurs to find your successful life.

So, are you ready? 

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