Top 5 Affordable Electric Scooters Breaking the 50 km/h Speed

Electric scooters are currently available in a variety of designs and sizes. While some are speedier and have more features, others are slower but less expensive. Low-cost electric scooters, in particular, are ideal for consumers who like to use them primarily for city commuting, where speed restrictions are often less than 60 mph, enabling you to comfortably reach your destination before recharging the vehicle’s battery. So, if you’re searching for a pocket-friendly, low-cost e-scooter, here are five possibilities.

Affordable Electric Scooters

1. iVoomi S1

iVoomi S1

The iVoomi S1 standard edition has a 2.1 kWh battery pack and a 1.6 kW motor, allowing it to reach a top speed of 55 kmph. This electric car costs Rs 85,000 (ex-showroom) and has a range of 105 kilometres on a single charge.

2. Gemopai Ryder Supermax

Gemopai Ryder Supermax

The Ryder SuperMax is priced at Rs 79,999 ex-showroom and has a BLDC Hub Motor with a max power output of 2.7 kW. This scooter has a top speed of 60 kmph and a range of up to 100 kilometres.

3. Pure EV ePluto 7G

Pure EV ePluto 7G

The ePluto 7G is priced at Rs 84,000 (ex-showroom) and comes with a 2.5 kWh battery pack with a stated range of 90-120 km. Its 1.5 kW motor allows it to reach peak speeds of up to 60 kmph.

4. Simple Dot One

Simple Dot One

The Dot One, which was just released at an initial price of Rs 1 lakh (ex-showroom), has a non-removable 3.7 kWh battery that powers an 8.5 kW electric motor. It offers an appealing choice in the inexpensive e-scooter market, with a confirmed range of 151 km and an amazing peak speed of 105 kmph.

5. S1XOla


The S1X, the most economical model, begins at Rs 90,000 (ex-showroom). It has a range of up to 91 km and a peak speed of 85 kmph thanks to a 2 kWh battery pack. Furthermore, Ola is now charging the same amount for its bigger sister.

When deciding between these five electric scooters, consider your demands and preferences, as well as criteria such as speed, range, and overall pricing.

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