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Copying Sholay’s Iconic Scene An Agra Man Climbed Electric Tower To Ensure Wife’s Return

Do you think climbing a water tank to get your girl was only attempted by Dharmendra in the movie Sholay?

Well, it might not be the exact copy but a man from Agra pretty much did the same thing. No, he didn’t climb on a water tank and howled, ‘Mausi’. Instead, the man climbed atop an electric pole. That too with his infant daughter.

man climbed electric tower

Why did he do so?

To be honest, I guess he was just tired of trying to take care of a 4-month old child on his own. Given the fact that his wife had left her two months back after they had a huge fight. Ever since he tried hard to convince her to come back but got no success.

Tired of waiting, he thought it would be nice if he tried the same stunt as Dharmendra did back in his glory days.

man climbed electric tower

So, he packed some food and water for him and his daughter. And then, this daring man climbed up a 30,000 Volt electrical transmission tower.

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How did he get down?

For starters, he didn’t get down on his own. Though he didn’t howl at the top of his voice to gain attention, he made sure that people around him knew that he won’t get down until his wife returns.

man climbed electric tower

His wife didn’t return as he had expected. But a lot of passers-by stopped to see what’s going on.

man climbed electric tower

After four hours of persuasion by the family members, fire tenders and the police department, he finally made his way back to the ground.

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What actions were taken by the authority?

As this was a matter of genuine dilemma and frustration, the police department didn’t file any case against him.

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man climbed electric tower

On the other hand, his wife was being contacted and informed about the whole scene. The authorities are trying to sort out the matter so that she returns home and starts living with her husband and infant child.

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Watch the clip here:

In Conclusion:

I know, it was a stupid stunt from the man’s part. But I guess, when you have to change diapers and hear baby cries twenty-four seven, you eventually lose your shit. The same must have happened with the man who was left alone with his infant child.

I hope he genuinely tries to sort out things between him and his wife because climbing up a tower surely isn’t going to bring her back.

Or maybe, if she is die-hard Sholay fan, she might come back after hearing what her husband did, who knows?

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