This Airline Will Now Serve Coffee In A Edible Vanilla Flavoured Cup

Nothing feels better than sipping coffee in this chilling winter. And to make the experience even better, now you can feast on the cup in which you just had your coffee. Well, the world is surely heading towards great things.

Air New Zealand in an innovative step has begun serving coffee in an edible vanilla flavoured cup to minimise waste onboard. The alternative, as Nikki Chave, who is the customer experience manager of the airline suggests, will reduce the use of regular coffee cups on the airline.

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As per stats, Air New Zealand serves as many as 8-million cups to its travellers every year.

Notably, this is also not the first time Air New Zealand has adopted eco-friendly hospitality practices on board. Before vanila-flavored cups, the Airline had been serving beverages in disposable cups on flights and in its lounges.

As of now, the airline has collaborated with Twiice, which is a firm that specializes in making edible cups. Notably, Air New Zealand and Twiice together are further working to invent a range of edible crockery right from eatable bowls to eatable spoons.

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In a similar initiative, Carlsberg is also working on making paper bottles to store its beverage.

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