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15 Air Pollution Solutions Which You Can Use In Your Everyday Life

I don’t think I need to tell you that air pollution is rising as we speak.

I guess this was the first year in history, where people celebrated Diwali in the capital, wearing pollution masks. That pretty much explains the current level of pollution, doesn’t it?

But are there any easy air pollution solutions? Things that you can you do to keep your lungs safe from air toxics? Apparently, there are easy ways by which you can safeguard your lungs. Here are 15 of the simplest air pollution solutions-

1. Stay indoors whenever you can

The air quality in our environment is very poor, the best way to avoid breathing this polluted air is by staying inside. You must have heard, precaution is better than cure. But you can’t stay indoors forever, you have to go out at one point. In that case, make sure not to go out in the wee hours as the air is more polluted during the morning time.

2. Exercise indoors

No doubt that running helps to make you fit. It expands your lungs by filling it with the fresh air. But wait, air isn’t fresh anymore. Also, you tend to take in more air during exercise than any other time. The only way to stay fit in this situation is by doing exercise indoors.

3. Keep a check on pollution levels

Delhi and Banglore are the two most polluted cities in the country. Pollution level is always on the peak, it is advisable if you keep a check on the pollution levels of your city and avoid going out when the pollution is way higher than what it should be.

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4. Buy a good anti-pollution mask

Your handkerchief or your dupatta won’t be able to limit the polluted air and dust from getting into your respiratory system. Those plain masks that are available on the pharmacist shop are also of no good use. Good quality anti-pollution masks are the only way you can limit the dust from entering into your body.

5. Consume jaggery everyday

Gur or jaggery (in English) comes with many anti-allergic qualities, reducing the problem of asthma and other respiratory diseases are some of them. It’s the natural way that can help your body to remove toxic substances that you take in with the polluted air.

6. Add eucalyptus oil to your steam

Polluted air consists of dust and other toxic particles which can block the path of air inside your nose. Taking steam with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in it can clear the air pathway. This way you won’t find yourself struggling to breathe in harsh conditions.

7. Keep ginger in your diet

Ginger tea is always adviced to cure the cold ora sore throat. Breathing in a polluted environment can cause irritation in your throat. Adding ginger to your tea or in your diet can help you with a sore throat that is caused by the dust particles that you have to breathe in.

8. Air quality checking apps

The smartphone you carry with you all the time is called smart for a reason. There are plenty of apps available in the app store of your phone, that can give provide you with the real-time pollution level near you. This will help you to know the air quality around you in a better way.

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9. Buy indoor air-purifying plants

Yes, there are a number of desk plants and indoor plants that can fill your house with fresh and pollution free air. Instead of buying an expensive electronic air-purifier try this natural way to get the fresh air. Adding plants to your living room will also give home look modern and fancy.

10. Make lemon your friend

By adding fruits that are a rich source of vitamin C like lemon or oranges, you can help your body to fight with all the toxic substance you breath in during your early morning commute to work. Have an orange, it’s one of the air pollution solutions.

11. Have Potassium rich diet

Adding potassium enriched food to your diet will reduce the stroke risk. Breathing in this polluted air fills your body with many diseases that you might not know you’ll have. The risk of stroke is one of them. Fulfill the potassium need of your body and to avoid serious medical conditions.

12. Add peppermint to your drinks and salad

The dust particles and other toxic gases that are dispersed in the air that you breath can cause free radical damage to your body. As peppermint is an anti-histamine, it helps to free your nose from the congestion and also protect your body from the pollution.

13. Go YOGA

Yoga is beneficial for many things, it can cure your body of many different medical conditions. By practicing some good breathing exercises, you can train your respiratory system to stand strong against the polluted air of Delhi or any other city.

14. Love oregano

Just like peppermint, oregano has anti-histamine and anti-oxidants, it is very helpful for decongesting also it tastes much better than peppermint. Now, you have the reason to ask for extra oregano at dominos. One of the easiest air pollution solutions.

15. Hot shower is a bliss

Hot shower is beneficial to relax your body. It also opens ups the minute pores on your skin so that the body can remove all the toxins that accidentally gets into your body. Also, it feels really good getting into a hot shower after work.

In Conclusion:

I know, it’s going to get hard and hard to fight off air pollution. But the least you can do is try to save yourself and your family members from this. Follow these simplest air pollution solutions to save yourself from the disastrous health repercussion it brings along.

After all, air is life, isn’t it?
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