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Video: Ahmedabad Airport Has A Creative Way To Deal With Langurs At The Airport

If you ever happen to be at Sardar Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad and see a bear roaming around, don’t be scared. Like literally, if you get close to him, the bear is not coming to bite you because he is actually not a bear after all.

Source – New Scientist

Happens to be, the Airport Authorities of India (AAI) has specially hired a man to don a bear costume and chase off the langurs that hinder operational activities at the airport. And if you ask me, that is a cheap and creative solution to tackle the problem.

Here’s the video of the incident.

As per a report by India TV, the idea t shoo away the monkey was suggested by wildlife experts after “meticulous  planning which involved studying the behaviour patterns of langurs.”

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“Since we have a dedicated staff at the airport to scare away birds and animals that can endanger the safety of planes and passengers, we thought of employing them to pose as bears and scare away the simians. The langurs are fast despite being quite heavy. They could pose danger to aircraft. We are expecting good results,” Ahmedabad Mirror quoted Airport Director Manoj Gangal as saying. 

In 2019, the airport authorities claim to have had diverted two flights due to langur menace and delay-departure as many as 10 flights due to the same reason.

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