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Aladdin Special Look Trailer Featuring Will Smith Is Out, But Is It Really That Bad?

Finally, Disney released ‘Aladdin special look trailer’ revealing the first look of Genie. Sadly, using the cheap CGI effects Disney has turned our beloved Hollywood actor into a Blue Genie.

Fans seem to be disappointed as they didn’t get what they were waiting for. First, it was a fake Aladdin and now a Genie with a cheap snapchat filter.

What’s wrong with the trailer?

Aladdin Special Look Trailer

Aladdin 2019 is a live-action Disney remake of 1992 animated movie with the same name. The original Aladdin movie is still one of the best movies one can ever see.

Just like the Lion King, it is also a classic and it was certain that fans had some expectations when Disney announced that they are making a live-action remake of Aladdin.

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But right after the first trailer of the movie, it was clear that fans might not get what they are waiting for. The CGI used to build the city does look amazing. No wonder, the computer created a city that looks like a real one.

But when it comes to the main characters, Disney decided to use the cheap blue filter that looks like shit. Or, at least that’s how fans are reacting to this Aladdin special look trailer.

Aladdin Special Look Trailer

Apart from the bad CGI, there are few things that look pretty amazing. The moonlit desert and the magic cave looks very attractive. The trailer also revealed the character of Jasmine which is played by the beautiful Naomi Scott.

We can say that the princess looks beautiful but still, the ending part where Aladdin meets Genie for the first time was real bad.

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Didn’t believe us? See how fans are reacting

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Watch the trailer if you haven’t already:

In Conclusion:

This special trailer looks like work in progress and not a properly finished project. Probably, its not what the entire movie is going to look like. Hopefully, the final cut will be much better than what we saw in the trailer.

Tell us what you think as you might have a different opinion.

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